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We design flexible business systems that solve difficult problems with elegance and efficiency.

From Web & Mobile Applications to Cloud Based APIs - we can ease you through the entire process from prototype to deployment and beyond.

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Mobile App Prototypes.

A well designed mobile app may look simple, but often has a lot of complex code behind the scenes. Often, clients come to us not knowing if their idea is viable and worthy of the investment. This is where our mobile app prototype service comes in.

A mobile app prototype looks and feels just like an application on your mobile phone, capturing your concept in an interactive, tangible way without the cost of the application programming. Aesthetics and overall design is initiated at this phase providing you a way to see all of the design possibilities. The mobile app mock-up can also be shared with partners and investors to obtain feedback and funding for the architecture and development phases.

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Mobile & Web Application Architecture

Just as builders need blue prints to construct a house, application developers need a visual road map to efficiently build your application. In order to deliver your application on time and on budget, development plans must be effectively communicated across a several-member team. Websuasion's application architecture package provides you (and us) the blue prints to successfully build your app.

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Process Workflows

Think of this as a flowchart for the code running your application - each page lays out all of the various scenarios a user may encounter.

UML Diagrams

A representation of the data and objects in your application. This is critical information from which developers will begin to build the foundation of your application.

Detailed Estimates and Quotes

In addition, we provide an itemized estimate of cost and timeframe for completion and you end up with a presentational kit of the resulting plans. From there you can engage us to build the application or get competing bids from other developers.

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Programming Services

Technology provides us the potential to access massive amounts of data that we expect to get to us accurately and quickly. And behind all of this technology is a lot of code, written in different languages for different operating systems, requiring programmers to be multi-linguistic while ensuring that each piece (quirks and all) works securely together.

With the multitude of programming languages out there, we understand that there may be gaps in your in-house development team or that you may just be more comfortable hiring out programming jobs and that's where we step in.

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HTML5 Web Application Development

We use HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to ensure maximum browser and device compatibility. Changes can be made easily and deployed quickly, making cloud-based web applications a great solution for many businesses.

iOS & Android Mobile App Development

Our team uses Sencha Touch to develop mobile applications which allows us to build the app once and deploy to both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Database Development

Proper data schema is important to the integrity of your data, and one solution may not be the best for every business. We are highly experienced with both traditional SQL and modern document-based databases. We can help you to make the right choice for your needs and ensure your data is accurate and queries are efficient.

Cloud APIs & Business Logic

We design systems which use a centralized Cloud infrastructure. Your business logic all resides in one place behind a robust and secure API, which acts as a traffic-cop for all data exchange. This allows you to have one system that serves any conceivable user implementation, from mobile apps, to web portals, to third-party SaaS tools.

Payment Gateway Integration

Through our partnerships with various merchant solutions, we are able to offer our clients competitive rates and cutting-edge solutions to increase sales and reduce collection pains. From credit card and ACH processing, to stored credit (Gift Cards) and customer loyalty programs, we can configure the best solutions for your business.

Data Visualization

Big data is a large part of our business, so we have a lot of experience in helping our customers to best utilize and understand the data they collect. Using the latest and most powerful data visualization libraries, we can custom-build reports and spreadsheet summaries that tell you exactly what you need to know.

Third-Party Service Integration

We have years of experience integrating with and navigating around issues with third party services like Google Maps, Salesforce, Shopify, MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We can make sure your integrations are fail-safe and reliable.

Server Hosting & Maintenance

At Websuasion, we build long-term relationships with our clients, so our involvement doesn't stop after development. Our team is here to help ensure your systems are running properly, data is backed up constantly, and servers are secure and up-to-date.

Development Tools Utilized

After years of experience, we have customized what we feel is the most flexible and robust technology stack available today. The Websuasion team is trained to use the same workflow, promoting efficiency and consistency. We use highly maintained, open-source libraries and frameworks. We adhere to behavioral-driven testing and version control practices. This all culminates in low cost, product longevity, and ease of application maintenance for our clients.

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