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Gerald Wessels grew up farming and ranching in northwest Oklahoma. He has a Masters of Divinity and a Doctorate of Ministry and pastored churches in Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. He worked at luxury car dealerships leading in sales from year-to-year by treating customers “just as one would treat their mother.” He now brings that same commitment to the real estate industry in finding his customers the perfect home.

In this episode of Websuasion Conversation, we discuss video as a strategy, creating content, and being in the people business .


Gerald tells us about his plans to become an electrical engineer.

The Early Years

Gerald tells us about spending 25 years in the ministry and also being a part of a Christian music group in college.

The People Business

Gerald talks to us about his career in the car business and his success in building relationships

Important Financial Decisions

Gerald talks about his move to Georgia and deciding to begin a career in real estate.

The Biggest Mindset

Gerald tells us how to build a client base when you are new in a community.

Video as the Next Big Step

Gerald Wessels discusses teaching video classes and how he sees video as a necessary part of being a realtor.

Video as a Strategy

Gerald talks about videos that are currently in production.

Creating Content

Gerald tells us some of his best practices for capturing ideas and creating content.

Consistency over Time

Gerald discusses the importance of making a two year commitment in order to see results.

Competitive Advantage

Gerald explains how both building relationships and being educated about your profession are important.

Future Plans

Gerald tells us what he loves about being a realtor.

The Movie Industry as a Factor

Gerald talks about the movie industry influencing the local real estate market.

App Developer Checklist

You've been busy building your business, not learning all the ins and outs of application development. There's no reason you should know what it takes to develop a quality, maintainable application and bring it to market. But, before you contract with any firm (including ours), you should understand what is considered the standard. So, we've developed a handy two-page checklist. It will arm you the questions you need to ask before you move forward.

5 Metrics to improve

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