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Liz Parker is president of LT Consultants, Inc. She uses the 3 P’s: Purpose, Passion and Practicality to inspire, coach, challenge and facilitate leadership teams. She uncovers their true and effective vision with strong values and a focused strategic plan. Liz is also a Vistage Chair. Vistage is a peer advisory group designed especially for executive business leaders.

In this episode of Websuasion Conversation, we discuss building traction, business challenges, and getting the best from your team.


Liz tells us about her first experience with strategic planning working with a nonprofit organization as an independent consultant.

Businesses Change and Evolve

Liz tells us about working with entrepreneurs to identify their stage of growth and how to overcome the business challenges they are facing.

Working as a Facilitator

Liz talks to us about her process of building an agenda with a team.

Building Traction

Liz Parker talks about finding a company's strengths and using them to move forward.

Business Challenges

Liz tells us about the role of a consultant in providing solutions to help companies get on track.

Giving Up Control

Liz discusses the complexity that comes with growing a business and how to identify key performers in order to form departments and delegate responsibility.

A Peer Advisory Board

Liz explains the purpose of Vistage and how they provide value to their members.

Setting the Course for Your Business

Liz tells us how identifying the core values for a business is the key to unlocking its potential.

Finding Your Path

Liz discusses the importance of having guides to help you find the best route to achieving your goals.

Be True to Yourself

Liz talks to us about being in alignment with your values and finding people to support you.

Getting the Best from Your People

Liz talks to us about evolving as a business leader and modeling that behavior for your employees.

Self-Assessment For Teams

Liz talks about the benefit of bringing teams together to do their own assessment.

App Developer Checklist

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5 Metrics to improve

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