Senior Care with Alan Waters

Amada Senior Care

Alan is the owner of an Amada franchise in north Atlanta. Amada Senior Care is one of the fastest-growing home care provider companies in the United States, focused on serving aging and disabled adults who elect to remain in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

In this episode of Websuasion Conversation we discuss home care, caregivers, and ongoing training.


Alan Waters tells us about attending Georgia Tech University and pursuing a career in pharmaceutical sales.

The Vetting Process

Alan tells us about researching Amada Senior Care to ensure it was the right fit.

What Sets Amada Apart

Alan talks to us about what sets his business apart from other senior care services.

Home Care in Georgia

Alan talks about how home health care can help seniors stay independent longer.

Pros and Cons of a Skilled Rehab Facility

Alan tells us about transitioning from a skilled rehab facility to home health care.

Continuity and Consistency

Alan discusses the challenges of matching caregivers to the right clients and what is necessary to provide consistent care.

Certification and Ongoing Training

Alan talks about the initial certification of CNAs and also the ongoing training that ensures safe lifting and transfer practices.

Being the Trusted Resource

Alan tells us about working with long term care insurance agents and the options that can help seniors stay independent at home.

Taking Care of the Caregivers

Alan discusses how he helps caregivers with their goals in order to improve retention and some of the reasons there is a deficit in caregivers.

The Interview Process for Caregivers

Alan Waters of Amada Senior Care talks to us about hiring the right people as caregivers to ensure a positive experience for clients.

Responding to Issues

Alan talks about the importance of communicating with his clients to deal with any issues.

Service Areas and Working Together

Alan talks about working with other Amada franchises to provide the best experience.

App Developer Checklist

You've been busy building your business, not learning all the ins and outs of application development. There's no reason you should know what it takes to develop a quality, maintainable application and bring it to market. But, before you contract with any firm (including ours), you should understand what is considered the standard. So, we've developed a handy two-page checklist. It will arm you the questions you need to ask before you move forward.

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