Client Attraction with Maria C. Hall

Ignite Business Coaching

Maria's program is fueled by a passion to ignite fires for her clients. Her 30+ years of experience building and managing money-making businesses provides valuable insight into business strategy.

In this first episode of Websuasion Conversation, we discuss networking, client attraction, and business fears.


Maria tells us about her background in the insurance industry and when she knew she was ready to reinvent herself as a business coach.

Self Promotion

Maria discusses the challenge of self promotion when starting your own business.

Telling Client Stories

Maria talks about telling client stories to make a more powerful connection to your prospects.

Finding Your Niche

Maria discusses finding your business "super power" and identifying your ideal client.

Picking Your Focus Niche

Maria tells us how she gets her clients to focus on one thing they do best to maximize their impact.

Chambers of Commerce

Maria discusses her long experience with Chambers of Commerce and why they are beneficial to small businesses.

6 Figure Success

Maria tells us about her free monthly workshop called "6 Figure Success Club".

Establishing A Sales Mindset

Maria discusses the tendency for business owners to avoid thinking about sales and how they must shift their thinking to succeed.

Building Relationships Instead of Selling

Maria suggests a focus on relationship building over delivering the sales pitch when networking.

Establishing Networking Goals

Maria shares her insights into setting goals for networking events.

Client Attraction Bootcamp

Maria discusses her Client Attraction Bootcamp.

Working Beyond Business Fears

Maria gives tips on how to overcome your business fears and anxieties.

5 Improvements To Your Metrics

This week's homework is for you to identify 5 places in your business that you could improve your data collection. Think about all the points you, your staff, or your customer interact with your business. Which touch technology like your website or mobile apps? What would you love to know more about in your business?

Leave a public comment below, or if you're shy, send us a chat message. We'd love your input and feedback. We may even share it on an upcoming episode.

5 Metrics to improve

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  1. Charles Marks on March 1, 2019 at 5:40 pm

    Congratulations Ryan,
    Nice discussion with Maria. Insightful and useful information presented in a conversation that kept me interested. I looked up the Meetup, followed her on Facebook and LinkedIn so now I am engaged in the discussion also. Great job, I look forward to the next presentation.

    • J. Ryan Williams on March 1, 2019 at 6:42 pm

      Thank you so much, Charles! Definitely check out her next 6 Figure Success Club in Newnan. I’ve been several times and got a lot out of it. Really helps you to figure out your pitch and focus your networking approach.

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