Share Facebook Twitter Telegram Linkedin WhatsApp Viber ReddIt Email. Wing-shaped tandem rider grab-bars made of aluminum at the rear have been adopted. The new RayZR is built like a tank but doesn’t weigh like one. Enjoy the best ride quality on any road condition. * Compared to our earlier 113 cc scooter. © Copyright Yamaha All Rights Reserved. Both Ray ZR 125 FI and Fascino 125 FI will share the same 125cc FI engine.. The “Smart motor generator (SMG)” fitted to the new RayZR 125 Fi brings a quieter engine start without the need for a separate conventional electric starter. 0-60 KMPH : The boost of 30% power results in an acceleration advantage of 0-60 KMPH in just 7.59 seconds. The all-new RayZR is a perfect mix of stealthy looks, aggressive feel/cuts, and thrilling performance as a by-product of the design concept of “Armoured Energy”. When certain conditions are met, the Stop & Start system automatically stops the engine when the vehicle is at stop and idling, thereby helping to save fuel. The Ray Z has been featured with unique body style which makes it look different from other scooters. The Yamaha Ray Z features sharp looking front view and […] While riding a futuristic designed ride, enjoy the view of an all digital instrument cluster, so you enjoy the view ahead and also while you want to seek all the information you need while riding. The power output is +30% and fuel economy are +16% higher*, *16% mileage higher than our earlier 113 cc scooter. Rayz R comes with two eye-catching colors for its disk brake model to fulfill the needs of trend-conscious young riders. There are also louver-like rids on the inside of the bars that give an impression of strength. STANDING ACCELERATION Yamaha has never stopped us amazing us by its two-wheelers and the same company before some period of time launched a scooter named the Yamaha Ray Z. It combines with the rear wing-like grab-bars to create a sporty impression. Yamaha Ray Z price in Nepal is Rs. RAY Z has a sporty look and feel with a smoked-finish visor for a motorcycle-like image which makes Ray Z more stylish, aluminum rear wing-shaped tandem rider grab-bar, a new instrument panel with a carbon fiber patterned background, a carbon fiber patterned seat cover material, and dynamic coloring and graphics for character that expresses “Aggressive Sportiness”. It features a lightweight body (103 kg) with glamorous design and offers user-friendliness. admin 833 posts 0 comments. However, these are some-what justified with everything else on offer. Today we will talk about the 2nd popular model of Yamaha scooters, Yamaha Ray. 58kmpl – Through the astute technology of Smart Motor Generator and Stop & Start System, the RayZR 125FI boasts the highest mileage in the segment of 58kmpl. Accompanying the sporty smokey visor is the LED adds on to the overall stealthy look of RayZR. A large under-seat storage of 21L ensures that you have enough space to carry all your essentials and personal items. It will also be available in two different colors for its drum brake variant. Compared to other 110cc scooters, Yamaha Ray Z goes head-on against the likes of Honda Dio, TVS Wego, and Hero Maestro. Seating position is as crucial for the pillion as it is for the rider, the two level seating provides great comfort to the riders and a distinctive silhouette that sets it apart from its peers. PASSING ACCELERATION A new visor (smoked finish) is adopted on the front that creates a “downforce” image and adds a sporty look to the front view. Amnil Technologies, 12 inch Cast Wheel (FRONT) with Disc Brake, In-built Side Stand Engine Cut-off Switch, TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition), Stop & Start System (SSS), Smart Motor Generator(SMG) System, Additional valuation of Rs. A plethora of features to explore but one key to rule them all. The main features also include, An engine with high combustion efficiency to offer among the best fuel efficiency in its class at 66 kmpl* (*under standard test conditions), Plenty of storage space (21 litres under seat storage), Newly designed instrument cluster with excellent readability, even at night and Tubeless tyres. When the rider applies the rear brake, the rear brake and a portion of the front brake are applied. Rajesh Pudasaini, he is a person who feels technology from his hearts. You can now focus on enjoying the ride on the all new RayZR 125 Fi. Yamaha Ray Z is one from the lot of conventional scooters, Yamaha Ray Z is a second generation scooter from the company. A great way to announce your presence through the rear view mirrors of the riders ahead. Rs.244,900 (Disc), Rs.229,900 (Drum) Drive force at the rear wheel at low speeds has been improved by 30%. bike price in nepal bikes in nepal Ray Z price in nepal Yamaha bike price in Nepal yamaha ray z price in nepal. The instrument panel has been designed like the image of a sports car cockpit. RayZR uses telescopic suspension in front and gives you control during all kind of road conditions, be it bumps, puddles or speed breakers. This makes the seat more comfortable for the rider. The rider can easily re-start the engine and get underway again by simply twistiag the throttle, which quickly fires up the engine. UBS results in: Ray Z has telescopic type front fork suspension which ensures agile handling and running performance with a feeling of stability even over rough roads because of its bigger suspension stroke. The reduced weight gives you a great pick up, better handling and better mileage. Surely, there are few aspects in the Yamaha Ray Z where cost-cutting becomes more apparent. Yamaha Ray ZR 125 FI Engine. The multi-function key switch makes sure that your needs are fulfilled at the tip of your fingers. UBS links both front & rear brakes with the rear brake pedal. Yamaha RAY Z Price In Nepal:- NRs 171,900 tax incl. The sporty, sharp headlight illuminates the night with superior visibility and the tough look adds greater originality to the design.