The same Google Account signed in on the phone is. If you can't find a cache option, delete the app and then reinstall it. For example, if you're streaming Spotify from your phone to Google Home, tap Delete cache in the settings to delete all the temporary files it's storing on your device. We highly recommend reading through our How to Talk to Tech Support guide before getting on the phone with Google. This makes us the perfect smart home technicians since we can work our magic straight from your home. The good news is that Google is aware of the issue, and has started to roll out a fix on January 18th. For setup, you should get as close up as you can. Clear the cache on your music app. For Google Home Hub, press the upper volume button on the back. Puls is all about mobilizing skilled technicians so they can fix your devices wherever best fits you. Don’t worry, Google Home will tell you as much the minute you plug it in and turn it on for the first time. Other "delightful sounds" (yes, that's what Google is calling them) will sound for other meals, waking up, "TV time," and so on. So much so that we want to share our insights on TV mounting, garage door repair, appliance repair and more with the general public. This broadcasts on all devices except the device you're broadcasting from. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(4039866, '0e796d69-f735-41d1-ba6c-3cc887f5b2bf', {}); The holidays are a magical time of year when everything seems lighter and brighter. Puls Technologies Inc. is not in any way associated with Puls GmbH of Munchen. Plus, saying "Ok Google, broadcast it's dinner time" will emulate a dinner bell's ringing, which is pretty nifty. A phone with the Google Assistant and at least one Google Home device. If there are other computers, gaming consoles, phones, tablets, etc. They’re relatively cheap with the Google Home currently going for $129, and the basic Chromecast for only $35. How to Fix Common Google Home Connectivity Issues, schedule a Puls Smart Home technician visit, How to Install Holiday Lighting the Safe and Easy Way, Elevate Your Décor to Suit Your New Black Friday TV Set. Users have reported recurring disconnecting from Wi-Fi. Look to The Beat for advice and tips on a wide variety of in-home topics, and hopefully you'll learn a thing or two. Re-pairing can fix problems related to those services. Restarting should clear out any kinks that are affecting Google Home’s ability to communicate with the router or internet. It’s also connected to your other smart devices at home, so you can control your home using your voice. Remember what happens when you eat too much PB&J? If all the above still don’t help, contact Google Home support or. It also uses Wi-Fi to communicate with your other smart devices at home. Christine Baker is a marketing consultant with experience working for a variety of clients. Don’t worry, Google Home will tell you as much the minute you plug it in and turn it on for the first time. Contact the Google Home support team. If there are several other devices on your network that are streaming music, videos, games, etc., there might not be enough bandwidth for music to play smoothly, or even at all. Make sure to keep it at a reasonable volume. This is a surefire way to make sure the current software version isn’t to blame for the music playback problem. signed in to each of the Google Home devices. These broadcast on all devices including the device you're broadcasting from. Google Broadcast, like any other Google Home and Assistant features, depends entirely on the internet to function. The problem was first reported as being limited to TP-Link routers but has since been spotted by users of other routers as well, such as Linksys, Asus, and Netgear to name a few. The feature is rolling out today in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. On my phone, I long pressed on the phones home button at the bottom and middle of the phone (not the Google Home app). Is the volume turned down? Rebooting and resetting are different. 2 years ago. Here are the main Google Home connectivity problems and how to solve them. Since it’s used so often for dealing with traffic for all your devices on the network, it can get bogged down sometimes. The only workaround here, if it's even an option with that service, is to upgrade your account to a plan that supports simultaneous playback on multiple devices. Clear the cache on your music app.