Dried orange and lemon peels are a far superior choice for use as kindling than newspaper. Sous vide—or water bath—cooking is all the rage right now. Simply rub the butter on the door hinge. Try this recipe for ghee, and you can use it as a butter substitute in slow-cooking recipes and high-heat dishes, since it has a higher smoke point than regular butter or cooking oils. Check out more household hacks to get rid of odours. Here’s a unique use for butter and a good way to help an adult cat adjust to a new house or apartment. We recommend our users to update the browser. It gives any sauce a glossy finish and a rich mouthfeel, amping up its flavor with little to no effort at all. This technique gives you the opportunity to infuse flavors with your favorite steak or pork chop. Try eliminating the marks by rubbing butter on them and leaving the doll  face-up in the sun for a few days. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Letter tiles get comfy in an old sunflower seed butter jar; and letter stamps reside in – of all things – a small jar that previously held a sugar body scrub. It’s decided: These recipes are definitely better with butter, Every type of cooking oil has a smoke point. Give semi-hard cheeses a light coat of butter to keep them fresh and free of mold. Don’t worry. To soothe foot pain, massage feet with butter, wrap in a damp, hot towel, then sit back and relax for 10 minutes. Apply a dollop of body butter directly to your skin -- don't use too much or your skin could get greasy. (In case you didn’t know, it is safe to leave butter on the kitchen counter—most of the time.). Some nutritionists are skeptical, but others say the fats in the butter can actually help keep you fuller longer. Look at its color. Can’t seem to get that campfire started? Since margarine and shortening don’t contain any milk solids, this one just won’t work without butter! Our Test Kitchen made pie crust with butter, shortening and lard. Make kindling! You take your eye off the pasta for two seconds, and the next thing you know, the pot is boiling over onto the stovetop. If you run out of shaving cream, slather butter onto your wet skin for a smooth, close shave. You can thank butter for that! So grab that stick, and let's go make Paula Deen proud! Here are the cooking oils we recommend. Just rub some butter on your hands, wash them with warm water and soap, and you’ll smell clean and fresh again. Voila: flaky croissants and biscuits! This lubricates the metal to stop the squeak. Brilliant! Oil, however, doesn’t contain water. Uh-oh, one of the kids used a pen to draw a new smile on that favourite doll’s face. If your hair has turned dry and brittle, a small amount of butter can return it to its glossy shine. Check out more thrifty tricks to make everything you own last longer. Includes illustrated directions for making butter at home. Butter made from clotted cream requires thorough washing to remove the butter-milk or the keeping properties will be poor. Don’t miss these brilliant household uses for vinegar. You’ve undoubtedly heard that peanut butter can get sticky gum out of hair, but its peanut-less cousin can work the same magic. You can slather any leftover butter onto dinner rolls or use it to dress vegetables, too. I … So skip the butter on this one and use oil instead. Check out the seven mistakes cat owners make, according to the Cat Whisperer. No butter handy? Since butter’s smoke point is relatively low (350ºF), it’s best to use another type of oil for searing steaks, pork chops or chicken breasts. Rub it in gently, using firm, broad strokes, until the body butter is fully absorbed. While there are more than a few foods that need butter to turn out, there are also a couple where it’s better to give butter a pass. Butter contains about 20 percent water. Wash it off with soap and water. © 2020 Reader’s Digest Magazines Ltd. - All rights reserved, We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), This site uses “cookies” for the purposes set out in our Privacy Policy. See more ideas about churning butter, butter molds, antiques. Citrus and herbs work especially well, but butter isn’t the right fit for this method. Maybe you resort to the old lemon-juice or vinegar in milk trick, so you won't have to buy any. Baked goods made with margarine have a softer texture, thanks to all the added water. Ghee is butter that has been clarified, so only the pure butterfat remains. Shampoo as usual, and rinse all the butter out. Some people swear by baking with margarine, lard or vegetable shortening, but there’s no substitute for the flavor and texture of butter. Ghee is butter that has been clarified, so only the pure butterfat remains. Have you ever noticed how croissants have thousands of flaky layers? Cats love the taste of butter so much they’ll keep coming back for more. The old-fashioned method of churning clotted cream was to place it in a tub and stir or beat with the hand till butter is produced. I’m not the type to cover up an expensive cut of meat with sauce, but I do love a pat of butter on top of a perfectly cooked steak! Whether your fingers have swelled up from the heat or you just wanted to wear a cute ring that you know doesn’t quite fit, you’re now stuck—literally—with a ring that won’t budge. And that’s why chilling cookie dough is the one step you should never skip! Here are more low-carb food swaps worth considering. Check out more home improvement hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner. This should help the pill slide down your throat. Your feet will feel revitalized! Buttermilk is basically just cultured milk. After years of working in professional kitchens, Lindsay traded her knives in for the pen. Information about the history, chemistry, manufacture, and storage of butter. Butter through the ages. Since the milk solids have been removed, you don’t need to refrigerate it. From the ancient Fertile Crescent to the present day, butter has symbolized the powerful, life giving and sacred, the good, the happy, the healthy and pure. Of all the produce that can go bad in the kitchen, the banana is the only one to get excited about. The butter is fresh if the color is the same from the inside to the outside. Brown butter is the easiest sauce to make: simply heat butter over medium-high heat until the milk solids start to brown and the water evaporates. Here’s how to master the technique. Old, primitive butter mold presses were made from wood and carved with a handle on the top and a flat bottom with a design carved on the underside. These clever ice cube tray hacks can also save you time and money. My friend, you are missing out. Overripe strawberries and peaches are destined for the compost bin, but overripe bananas provide you with the possibility of many great recipes.They’re really a blessing, not a curse. Don't fear the carton, because we're here to give you some ideas on what to do with leftover buttermilk.