Catra has a nightmare about what she did Entrapta, Adora glaring at her, asking why she did it and the Portal pulling her in. Many fanworks center on their appearance at Princess Prom and their interactions in the Crimson Waste. And maybe in the end, the love you always sought will find you again, in its own time, in its own way. Glimmer and her father embrace, Netossa and Spinnerella share a kiss out of joy, Scorpia forgives and hugs Catra. Frosta also became very interested in her pincers and found them really cool. Scopria found Catra contemplating about Shadow Weaver. Scorpia’s an icon). I’ve seen some posts saying it’s because Catra is self-destructive–i.e. S4:E6 "Princess Scorpia" – Scorpia's lips are black even before she wakes up. The leaders feel that she is one of their biggest threats to harmony. Allegiance Scorpia is revealed to be a Princess but her family surrendered and joined the Horde, marking them as outcasts and shunned from the Princess Alliance. I’m about to get Jungian up in this shit bc we see a deep disconnect between Catra’s outward actions (her conscious) and her inner desires (subconscious) this season and it’s this i believe that leads to her breakdown in 4x10. She is eager to please and falls easily into the role of a minion. So again, the two reasons Catra sees She-Ra as an enemy are 1) she is a powerful princess and an enemy of the Horde, and 2) she represents the development of heroic virtues in Adora that stole Catra’s friend away from her. Coincidentally, Catra realizes that Scorpia left her just one episode later, which once again points to a connection between these two characters. She is not very serious or competent but does get the job done. noelle has created the most incredible villain of all time... there aren't w o r d s to describe how much i want to see SW burn in hell, ADORA BABY YOU ARE SO LOVED JUST LET ME HOLD YOU. She leaves the Horde and Joins the Rebellion. At the mere mention of Scorpia, she went mad and at one point broke down crying with the scene showing the destruction she did on her surroundings. It wasn’t just one thing or person that caused her breakdown, it was a combination of Adora severing their relationship, and Scorpia’s disappointment in her, and Double Trouble’s indifference towards her. At the princess prom in Frosta's castle, Catra knew how to play by the rules in order to make Adora seem like she was acting unfair and out of control, stay calm and act nonchalant about being surrounded by all the princesses she was planning on attacking, all the while, figuring out a way to kidnap Bow and Glimmer and get Adora's sword at the right moment. After Catra displays an astounding amount of vulnerability with DT, they coolly reply “well, I live to serve… for a price, of course.”. Are you saying that as a posts i can use to make drawings from? I always have! This isn’t about Hordak so much as it is about Adora’s view of herself. Catra has made enemies with both alliances for both being in The Horde and capturing members of their alliances. Coincidentally, Catra realizes that Scorpia left her just one episode later, which once again points to a connection between these two characters. However, Scorpia is naive and often makes petty mistakes. After helping Adora and Glimmer rescue her in "Save the Cat", Bow slowly started to warm up to Catra. When Netossa listed down everyone’s weaknesses, she acknowledged how Perfuma’s main weakness was her inability to hurt the people she cares about, which proved to be a disadvantage to the Rebellion as half of their members and friends were chipped. When Scorpia arrived at Bright Moon, Perfuma, instead of attacking her, attempted to befriend her and settle things peacefully, but Scorpia’s tail (out of instinct) stung and paralyzed Perfuma, much to Scorpia’s dismay. After Catra's spiteful comments she walks away from her "bad friend" and gathers the courage to finally leave the Horde with Emily so that she can save Entrapta. It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion. From 4x08 to 4x11 Catra is completely alone, feeling like she has lost everyone in her life. Lonnie soon after doesn't seem to hold a verbal grudge when they attack Salineas. But I do wanna draw attention to the fact that this is the only thing she says in this whole scene: Can you believe that’s what mattered the most to her in that moment? For me it felt very disconcerting to see Catra like this… unaware that she’s been defeated yet she’s so emotionally vulnerable here, she’s like putty in Double Trouble’s hands. Scorpia told Catra while attempting to rescue her from her cell, "Of course I care! PrincessForce captain (formerly) Rebel (later) It's a slow burn, with Scorpia talks about "orientation" when they discuss their early days in Hordak's legion.