Some stretches specifically for this entrapment also helps. It is important to understand that skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, and other important connective tissues have been cut through with some of the surrounding vasculature cut and/or cauterized. 2. out our website: Nerve Transposition Rehab Exercises (Early Recovery Exercises)Ulnar nerve surgery recoveryThe ulnar nerve transposition is a relatively successful surgery that is not uncommon for the overhead throwing population. Because your ulnar nerve subluxes, when you are doing the heavy bench presses the nerve is being moved forcefully over the medial epicondyle of the humerus ("funny bone"). Avoid any heavy gripping, lifting, pushing, pulling with involved upper extremity. It worked decent for me. Then I started GVT program about 6 weeks ago with the hope that only using 50% RM weights and upping the intensity and workload would help the nerve to heal. Ulnar Nerve Transposition Rehab Exercises (Early Recovery … All of this tissue must heal and the transposed nerve will take time to heal and adapt to its new position. Paresthesia(numbness) associated with the ulnar nerve is fairly common. Ulnar nerve entrapment from weight lifting 7445 « Forum Home. ... At first I was afraid to go completely “all out” and weight-lift like I did when I was a younger man. There's a whole host of reasons for nerve irritation. If I started to feel a pulling sensation in my … 3. Perhaps a better way to treat this would be potassium supplementation. Pullups. Control edema, pain, and inflammation. Dumbbell chest presses. Avoid sustained postures of elbow flexion when out of splint. Some stretches … So what I did was lower weight, higher repetition exercises. Often the more quickly that range of motion and strengthening exercises can begin the better the clinical outcome. - Save 6% off all products - Enter. Weight lifting occasionally be causative for at the elbow, because many exercises completed in the gym may involve resting the elbow on a firm or partially padded surface to minimize use of other muscles, such as when doing bicep exercises. For those having ulnar nerve transposition surgery, I have created this blog to share my recovery experience. ... a point where it was unbearable to do skull crushers and my arm would feel like i hit my funny bone for a couple days after lifting so I went to the dr. Usually after heavy db flat presses or max bench press I have it the following week. Pages: 1. Ulnar nerve anterior transposition is a well- established and effective surgical procedure for treating ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow. This will take up to a week to notice a difference, but it will help. Curious if anyone has had it before. Hope this helps. Ive been regularly taking glucosamine and fish oils, which helps, but sometimes if I lift hard it comes back. Apfelberg and Larson20 reported that the success rate for in situ decompression was only 25%, while subcutaneous transposition achieved a success rate of 86%. The motion of racking the heavier dumbbells was what was creating a lot of the pressure on the nerve. 37. This is my second time having this surgery (my other elbow required it the previous year.) I always attributed it to biceps being too big or something. Anyone ever experience this? What helped me was stretching my wrists out before lifting and if you're familiar with front squat form, you can use that technique with a barbell and roll the up and down in your grasp. Ive noticed irritation from working at an arm chair and resting on the inner elbow region, (Area in diagram near nerve) and from barbell curls where your wrists have a slight unnatural flare out to them putting strain on the forearm tendons and/or ligaments. He told me the same thing about the ulnar nerve entrapment stuff and … Of course, if you can alleviate the problem with stretching it. I get the numb pinkys from when I bend my arm at a 90 degree angle for too long. Fish oil & glucosamine won't help much. Check out my NEW video:\u0026t=2sFind out what we can do for you! Restrict contraction of the flexor carpi ulnaris initially. In this video you will get exposed to some of the first exercises we prescribe following an ulnar nerve transposition once the patient is cleared to use their hand and wrist. Weakness and wasting of ulnar innervated hand muscles can develop in more severe entrapment of the ulnar nerve. The length of rehab following an UN transposition is dependent on many variables including the damage to the nerve, comorbidities, the amount of scar tissue formation, etc. Usually when im asleep. Usually after heavy db flat presses or max bench press I have it the following week. CodyTheClen private msg quote post Address this user: plus 1 plus 1 plus 1 0. Anyone ever experience this? This is the most common issue faced by weightlifters, power lifters and bodybuilders. Post-op Goals Weeks 1 -8: 1. Protect and promote soft tissue healing of the relocated nerve. I have a minor numbness in my left hand (Pinky mostly) where I think I may have a restriction or some type of pinch in my left forearm. Ive been regularly taking glucosamine and fish oils, which helps, but sometimes if I lift hard it comes back. Rehabilitation following this procedure must be focused on protecting healing tissues and regaining function. 37.