The pose is also somewhat plain. We’ve got two traitor Primarch models in 40k – where are the rest? Magnus the Red – Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. We loved the details of the wolf and his armor. Big and bulky, the Primarch of the Iron Warriors clocks in at #7. But hey, that’s also Lorgar…he’s always been kind of bland and looking for someone else to find his identity in. In 1990, the world was introduced to the Primarchs – demigod children of the Emperor himself, created to lead the Space Marine Legions. So what about the Traitors? Let’s rank the Traitor Primarch Models! Free Shipping on orders over $99. That’s kind of the question. It is believed that Night Haunter allowed himself to be killed: he saw himself as a murderous and corrupt villain, the very thing he sought to destroy. What is the Emperor? Why don’t I like this model? It’s time to do a Traitor Primarch check-in. Currently a Daemon Primarch, Fulgrim was possessed by a daemon during the Drop Site Massacre. If you disagree with our rankings that’s cool – let us know how you would rank them and why in the comments. We really like the clean lines of Magnus’ model. But in the novel Betrayer, he ascended during the Heresy. So who’s around and still kicking? Look, it’s Alpharius/Omegon. It’s the traitor’s turn. That said, he’s been active in the background in the current storyline – but he’s been pretty low-key. Either way, he’s a full blown Daemon Prince of Khorne now. We also love the scarab details quite a bit on the armor. He’s exerting his psychically enhanced powers and “casting a spell” in this pose. Mortarion then seized the opening this gave his warriors and Perturabo was soon forced to flee, as the Death Guard’s contagions had left his forces in tatters. He later completed a ritual to become a true Daemon Prince of Slaanesh: “…Just as Fulgrim was about to complete his ritual and achieve Daemonhood, Perturabo gathered enough strength to charge at his brother but were interrupted by an ambush of Salamanders, Iron Hands, and Raven Guard who had been stalking the traitor fleet in search of vengeance since the Drop Site Massacre. But you probably knew that already. His old EPIC model had him looking very much like a larger Bloodthirster with the Daemon Weapon – the Black Blade: Horus is dead. You really get the sense that once Angron has his target he rushes at it straight on in a frothing anger, cleaving everything else in his way – friend or foe. Later that night it is believed the Assassin M’Shen was allowed to infiltrate his palace on Tsagualsa, as she encountered no guards between herself and his throne room. Let us know how you’d rank them in the comments! Suprisingly the corpse spoke back, and the Emperor apparently assured Curze that his insanity was never his fault and he had acted as intended until Chaos interferred. In the course of a few pages in the now-legendary Lost and the Damned sourcebook, Warhammer history was forged forever, birthing one of the Horus Heresy’s most iconic images – the Emperor, Sanguinius and Horus … Through the body of the Arch-Consul, Fulgrim announces that Guilliman would have many temptations to resist and that any feeling of self-satisfaction would be his doom.”. The timing on his Daemonhood is a little convoluted. However Perturabo only managed to destroy the Primarchs mortal skin and was reborn as a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh. He could be a Loyalist Primarch. He’s responsible for the First War for Armageddon and there was an attempt to summon him after the formation of the Great Rift. The last time Fulgrim had a model was in EPIC: And he is alive and kicking in the 41st Millennium as well: “Fulgrim made another appearance at the conclusion of the Ultramar Campaign in the closing days of M41. Cool armor details, a great sense of movement, great pose – what’s not to like!? You know, the armor isn’t bad – but it’s just everything else about this model that I dislike. We do like the armor and all the extra details of this one and if he was in less of a “dance-dance” pose, it might have ranked higher. Why do hobbyists still pretend they’re going into Warhammer stores to “just pick up a pot of paint”? Elevated to the status of a Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided after the events of the Iron Cage, Perturabo is still around. Horus Heresy: Ranking The Traitor Primarch Models. Go AD FREE today! The tide of the battle then turned, as Iron Warriors began to collapse and both their war engines and the Chaos Titan’s of Legio Abhorrax, start to shut down; due to rust and the uncontrollable corruption of their machine spirits. Not just dead-dead, but his soul has been obliterated and his body destroyed. Games Workshop Death Guard Daemon Primarch Mortarion Warhammer 40,000. Or was he? “After ten thousand years of seclusion into the Warp, Lorgar is finally rumored to have returned at the close of the 41st Millennium and formation of the Great Rift. See: Great Rift. He’s definitely not coming back. We really like that he’s standing atop a knight – it’s quite the battle rubble for sure. Who are the lost Primarchs? Subscribe to BoLS Prime. Death is nothing compared to vindication.”, “The vid-log then shows M’Shen leaping forward, although the kill was never confirmed, as the video feed cuts out right before they fight. Ages: 12 years and up. He looks like a walking siege tank. He tore the corpse-puppet to pieces, and it’s unclear if it was actually the Emperor speaking or a mere hallucination. “Eventually, the atrocities committed by the Word Bearers allowed for Lorgar’s ascension to Daemonhood, becoming the equal of a god in the eyes of his Legion. But Horus’ model is really impressive. Just a great, classic Primarch model. We’re a little surprised he’s not the vampire of the Primarchs to be honest…. Regardless, his final words are considered one of the great enigmas to the Imperium’s history.”. Is that REALLY Alpharius coming in at #5? He fully knew when he would be slain down to the annointed hour, and in the time before his death he conversed with a corpse-statue that he addressed as the Emperor. He’s got a lot of movement going on, but he looks less like a graceful-warrior and more like a ballerina in stage armor. Subscribe to BoLS Prime. He’s got a model and is currently active in the 40k storyline. Angron is MAD. It’s overly dramatic and while he’s paired up with his brother Ferrus Manus in an epic fight, looking at him solo, the model looks awkward. He could be singing an opera! I merely punished those who had wronged, just as your false Emperor now seeks to punish me. Well, there you go. “Konrad Curze was eventually killed, assassinated by the Callidus M’Shen. Fulgrim sensed his brother’s revival and took the time to possess the Arch-Consul of Macragge in order to gloat to Guilliman during his first public appearance in ten thousand years. We like that his model captures his rage and showcases his momentum. One of the loyalist Astartes during the battle shattered the Maugetar stone, freeing some of Perturabo’s energy and giving him the ability to strike down Fulgrim with his Thunder Hammer. The scales … Curze broke down when the Emperor questioned his belief that fate was predetermined, stating that he himself had chosen this path. Enter your email to get the very latest - news, promotions, hobby tips and more from Games Workshop. He could be right behind you. So who’s around and still kicking? It’s the traitor’s turn. You can unsubscribe at any time. Well, the Loyalists got their turn yesterday and in the spirit of fairness, it’s time to rank the Traitors! I have known of you ever since your craft entered the Eastern Fringes. Why did I not have you killed? But he also reminds us of Dynamo from The Running Man (1987) action movie: The grimace and the pose is pretty close. Magnus also has a model for 40k and is currently active in the 40k storyline. We also like the flowy-ness of this one with the sense of magic that he is portraying. They are in a better state…if Daemonhood is what you’d consider “better” anyhow. Sanguinius: The Model Revealed. The scales on his armor are pretty rad and we also like that he’s about to deliver the death blow with his spear. It is said that he has been seen walking mortal realms in terrible splendor, preaching the word of Chaos at the head of a massive Word Bearers force.”. It’s a pose that really tells a story and we dig it. We are ranking them purely based on looks and how much we like them. Badly mauled but triumphant, Mortarion and his Death Guard were now finally able to lay claim to the heathen temple they fought so hard for and the ancient secrets that lay at its heart.”. In the original lore, he had become a Daemon Prince after the Horus Heresy. It is said his birth scream echoed across the Immaterium with triumphant vindication, his faith and devotion rewarded with immortality and unbridled power.”. Just don’t be in front of him when he gets let off the leash…. He could be a Daemon Prince. His armor is also pretty creepy with the bones and detail work. The answer is simple – mysterious models at a price you can’t miss. Magnus also has a model for 40k and is currently active in the 40k storyline. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. We really don’t know and that’s just how he likes it. Warhammer is full of tantalising mysteries. The face in particular (while WAY better than anything I could sculpt) just looks kinda…bad.