Internal investigations may also be required in situations where the company is already facing legal action and needs to have all the facts to properly defend themselves in court. investigations within VA, and to enhance the usefulness of investigative reports. 0000004063 00000 n ���X_ʎ���r�]#J�E�s���a�?h�dmA=d�f�d�VLHH�b���‚���(��dۇ��/���=w�j���&�������{r • If the employee … Investigation of Disciplinary Actions VA/AFGE Master Agreement Training: Discipline, Investigations and Monitoring 6 Article 14, Section 10 Investigation of Disciplinary Actions • Other employees questioned in connection with the incident may have the right to union representation upon request. Step 4 – conduct fact-finding investigation (interviews, chart, literature reviews). The Investigation Process 7. H��UmLg��K���N Handbook and Directive 0700 are publications of the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of General Counsel (023). 1. conducted simply to uncover sufficient facts to justify a result or to just record somewhere that the incident occurred. Administration of Oaths 7. Panel Appointment 7. 0000002904 00000 n 3. This article should not be relied on as a complete step-by-step guide on how to conduct workplace investigations. 0000004740 00000 n The Directive provides the policy framework for conducting administrative investigations in VA. 3. Fact-finding is an essential skill set for anybody who is in an HR, labour relations or employee relations role. These investigations may focus on alleged individual employee misconduct by any VA staff member, regardless of level. Where BT Security conduct an investigation interview a tape recording may be taken. To take advantage of the powerful fact-finding value implicit in a well-conducted interview, here are six essential best practices for workplace investigation interviews: 6 Best Practices for Conducting Fair HR Investigations . To enter and activate the submenu links, hit the down arrow. 0000004697 00000 n Step 3 – Specify needed information (timeline and person responsible). @� b ���ǂ�@�'���$ ��)�7G���d9���!�C�3B�Y�ї+���z�ԏ���u�s�As��� If you are in crisis or having thoughts of suicide, 0000006906 00000 n 1. Directive 0700 - Administrative Investigations, Handbook 0700 - Administrative Investigations, Veterans Crisis Line: T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F N E W M E X I C O. 1.9 Potential Applications of an Administrative Investigation 6 2. The Directive provides the policy framework for conducting administrative investigations in VA. Go to Analysis. Recording the Proceedings 7 4965 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 4968 /H [ 1445 1126 ] /L 1038200 /E 79507 /N 83 /T 938780 >> endobj xref 4965 19 0000000016 00000 n 0000003142 00000 n 0000006882 00000 n 0000004771 00000 n Making a finding and report; Resolution Activities Communication and feedback to relevant parties should occur throughout the process. 1-800-273-8255 (Press 1), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs | 810 Vermont Avenue, NW Washington DC 20420. 0000000735 00000 n Fact Finding. Follow the steps in the table below when evaluating evidence: Go back andforth between Step 3 and Step 4 if needed. Authorization Letter 7. refers to a series of analytical steps that must be performed by a VA decision maker in making findings of fact for the purpose of drawing conclusions of law on each aspect or criterion of the legal standard for entitlement to the benefit and on applicable procedural matters. If you stay in this role, at some point you will end up doing investigations, and having this skill set is going to make you much more efficient as a practitioner. This will take you to the page listed. 1.8 Supervisory Fact Finding 6. Office of Accountability & Whistleblower Protection, Training - Exposure - Experience (TEE) Tournament, Benefit & Claim Status (Registration Required), Beneficiary Enrollment Form 24-0296 (PDF), Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP), Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (W.A.V.E.)