American Power Conversion (APC), an infrastructure provider for data centers, could reduce its delivery time from 400 to 16 days. To get started, patients complete an online consultation via a skin profile where they share their skin type, history, and concerns, and submit a selfie. "Mitchell is currently chair of The National Academies Committee on Information Technology and Creativity. Nimbly, a US-based startup, is building the tech platform Nimbly Made that connects knitting machines across the globe for textile customization. Customizable beauty is on the rise for creating juuuust the right fit for every person, with the results to prove it. The fact that Prose still relies on human expertise is what we’re betting will help the products stand apart from other personalized beauty products. Center, Korea and Yongsoo Park, CEO, i-Omni Co. Ltd., Korea: Virtual representations of products and customers are a key capacity of successful mass customization & personalization. Industrial Internet of Things / Industrie 4.0 – How to profit from smart use of cyber-physical systems in industry and consumer markets. In his presentation, Ethan Mollick will share the latest insights on configuration toolkit development in this industry and what you can learn from this to develop state-of-the-art toolkits for your business. The Global Startup Heat Map below highlights 5 startups & emerging companies developing mass customization solutions. Frank T. Piller is a Co-Director of the MIT Smart Customization Group at the MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, and a chair professor of management at the Technology & Innovation Management Group of RWTH Aachen University, Germany, one of Europe’s leading institutes of technology. Curology Dr. Lortscher’s experience as a dermatologist practicing in the middle of New Mexico inspired him to start Curology. From here, we can produce over 50 billion possible outcomes. Lars and Niels developed a methodology to implement a configuration system that helped pump manufacturer Grundfos to react on customer orders in 3 minutes instead of 3 days. Impressions from the MCPC 2014 in Aalborg! By creating formulas from a holistic approach, consumers can expect a hair care solution that addresses all needs for their healthiest hair. Once the formula is selected, customers receive a personalized box with the components so they can mix the ingredients at home before the first time they use it to keep the serum fresh. Our Innovation Analysts recently looked into emerging technologies and up-and-coming startups working on solutions for the manufacturing sector. Copyright 2014 Professor Frank T. Piller | RWTH Aachen University, RWTH Technology- and Innovation Management Group. “For too long, consumers have had to compromise on mass-produced products that, at most, address one or two of their hair concerns,” says Arnaud Plas, Co-Founder and CEO of Prose, a line of customized professional hair care. From apparel, food, and consumer electronics to healthcare and automotive, industries require efficient solutions for mass customizing their products. You may opt-out by. List of mass customization start-ups. Since then I’ve written for NYLON, New York, Teen Vogue,, Glamour, Marie Claire, SELF, New York Post, USA TODAY,, Time Out New York,,, NYLON Guys, BBC Travel, Latina, Organic Spa Magazine, and BUST, among others. “Once consumers see the benefit of using products customized to their specific and individual needs and goals, it will become a more and more expected solution to their beauty regimen,” he says. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. With this insight, I created Curology to make quality skincare accessible, affordable, and convenient. Users can instantly create, customize to fit their personal style, purchase, and sell a near infinite array of products online. machine. The startup’s Form Found Facade is a building facade system that creates shading through variable size apertures and is also self-supporting. Customers meet with a beauty associate for a one-on-one consultation to create a face or body oil ($42; $12 for beauty boosters), using an interactive quiz to find the best blend for their skin type, plus they can also customize the bottle with their initials and label color. Twitter A custom crystal bottle is made in Austria and a handmade trunk that will house it—that can also hold jewelry—is crafted in Paris. Top start-ups for mass customization at VentureRadar with Innovation Scores, Core Health Signals and more. This guarantees that consumers are truly receiving a product unique to them.”, When you buy a skincare product, for example, it’s typically targeted to one concern or two. A personalized product is able to specifically address each concern specific to the individual that a mass-produced product cannot.”. Get a sneak peak into the future of Artificial Intelligence! Opening address: William Mitchell, MIT Smart Customization Group, is a Professor of Architecture and Media Arts and Sciences at MIT and directs the Media Lab's Smart Cities research group. DermaCare From acne to dark sports, redness, rosacea and fine wrinkles, DermaCare has treated it all with their personalized prescription treatments (from $20 per month). Bas Possen brings more than a decade of experience in mass customization to the meeting, having established a number of successful companies in the field. Humans bring their knowledge and expertise, and machines make the automation process of data scalable. With further advancements in robotics and automation, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence (AI), startups are developing solutions to enable organizations to drive profitability with mass customization.