Never judge a book by its cover – Spark Mini Booster was designed musicians by for musicians to give you an amazing extra tool for your musical tool box. I have the MXR, it's useful for what it does. I have the big version of the spark, and the switch doesn't click like MXR's stuff, it's just depressed and comes back up. I've never played a Spark, but judging by the name I imagine it would do something similar with the high frequencies. M. miklet Member . Not sure if it's me, but doesn't sounds great in front of my ocd or ts9. To be fair it was years ago. Oct 18, 2012 #21 Regarding that American Music Supply post.. where have you read about this deal in november. It’s an extremely ver-satile pedal that will help you get better sounds. It's very transparent and responds to my picking well. Then roll back into fantastic cleans. The switch is not the best-built thing; it's a spring-loaded metal pole with a cap on it that makes it look like a nice 3pdt switch, but underneath that assembly is just a PCB-mounted momentary switch that gets pressed by the pole. The only thing that worries me is that TC's switches have a tendency to break. johnh Member. Get both. That should be standard on every boost really, great feature! Works great after them though for a good lead boost. Throw in a vintage hand drawn design, and the ability to make the booster into a non-latching pedal, and it’s hard to top the TC Electronic Spark Mini when you’re looking to add a booster to your board.Compare prices on new and used spark mini booster pedals at: I'd go with the TC for the smaller price and size, but if you're heavy-footed or concerned about build quality stick with the MXR. Joined: Dec 17, 2012. I also have the tc spark mini on my board. I use it as a clean boost for just that little bit extra. They have a custom shop Micro Amp now that has bass and treble controls, but there's something about the single knob simplicity of the original that can't be beat. Xotic RC Booster vs. TC Electronic's new Spark Booster. Or just use it as a clean boost for a subtle volume increase during solos. I want something to merely give more of what is already there. Win. … The Spark mini was my first non-boss pedal and I love it and use it all the time. The Micro Amp is clean and loud and quite transparent until you crank it, where I find it seems to boost the higher frequencies more. LOUD. Also, have you considered something like an xotic EP booster? Thanks for the recommendation. M. Matariel Member. +1 for the monentary thing. Run all the clean boosts into each other. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the guitarpedals community. I have played and loved the Micro Amp, but don't have anywhere where I can demo the Spark Mini and I can't find any direct comparisons online. Booster / buffer pour guitare/basse TC Electronic Spark Booster : 172 photos, 10 avis, 7 news, 5 discussions dans les forums, 5 extraits audio, 4 prix, 4 annonces, 1 test, 1 fichier à télécharger et 1 vidéo Also, it is build like a tank! Gets loud as hell too, mostly clean boosts but gets gainy in if you crank it. It just made it sustain more to my ears. Our Verdict. Shares. Plus its tini and my sweetwater rep got it for me @ $54 new. GET THE PITCHFORKS & LIGHT THE TORCHES, Now I understand the switch thing on TC stuff. I've heard that the older models without the LED have a certain mojo that the newer models lack, but I've never had the chance to try one for myself. I run it after the dirt, but I really use it to get louder for the occasional solo. Has anyone had the chance of playing the Spark Booster, or better yet, tried both? Go. LOUD. TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster review Tiny boost rules the roost £69; €79; By Michael Brown 07 August 2013. Get whichever one is sized better for your board. Last year, TC Electronic released a line of sleek dirt boxes—the MojoMojo, Dark Matter, and Röttweiler—in the same unique type of enclosures used in the company’s Tone Print series. Win. The new Spark Booster from TC Electronic is really catching my eye, as you can get it pretty cheap compared to Xotic's RC Booster. Not sure if it's me, but doesn't sounds great in front of my ocd or ts9. Thanks for the tip, but it's still twice that much here in Canada, otherwise I wouldn't even be considering the Micro Amp. I got it used for 50 euros, thought that wasn't too bad. The tones were plentiful and superb, and they helped pave the way for the latest addition to TC’s crunch spectrum—the Spark Booster. TC Electronic’s amazing Spark Mini Booster! Win. Works great after them though for a good lead boost. I use it as a clean boost for just that little bit extra. When I ran it in front, I felt like it sort of compressed the signal more than actually boosting it. Not like a treble booster, but more like a chimey Vox. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Messages: 169. Cons Lacks the tone options of the Spark. Or are they really different at all? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Sep 30, 2013 #1. ggiiaaxx Member. They can't be that different. Oct 13, 2012 #3 johnh said: Good question. Not harsh (I think it has just a slight touch of high frequency dampening). I'm looking for a good one-knob transparent boost. It's very transparent and responds to my picking well. Especially with a fuzz. Or any other viable options? I've had the Micro Amp for a few years now and it's a solid boost, I definitely prefer running it before drives than after as I really like the gain boost it gets and I can get a clean volume boost from my Timmy.