You will of course need the appropriate transducers for measuring vibration (accelerometer) but this can wait until the need arises. As many applications require a single reading to be made, it is often easier to note it down manually that to connect to a computer and download it. Sound level meters need a laboratory calibration every second year. Should your measurement needs to expand at a later date, you need to consider selecting a modular meter where modules can be added. A noise dosimeter is a specialized sound level meter intended specifically to measure the noise exposure of a person integrated over a period of time; usually to comply with Health and Safety regulations such as the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) 29 CFR 1910.95. The Cirrus CR308 sound level meter is for basic noise surveys, spot checks and OSHA occupational noise checks. Our basic delivery prices are: * For products that are in stock and the order received by midday. Our wide range of product knowledge sets us apart, and our automated systems mean quality and cost-effective service and efficient turn-around time. The delivery price is calculated during checkout based on your location and the goods ordered. In occupational settings, personal noise dosimeters are often worn on the body of a worker with the microphone mounted on the middle-top of the person’s most exposed shoulder. It also has both Fast and Slow time response. However, please read the following notes about the noise at work regulations. Dosimeters can function as personal or area noise monitors. The best 2-channel sound level meters can handle a sound intensity probe. 4 Digit LCD with back light, update rate 0.5 s, Low battery, freq. The “as found data” will be provided. In occupational settings, personal noise dosimeters are often worn on the body of a worker with the microphone mounted on the middle-top of the person’s most exposed shoulder. Checking levels in offices, hospital units and other "low noise" environments. Sound level meters and noise dosimeters get damaged in a variety of ways including dosimeter microphone cord stretching, scratched microphones, and dropped meters. You will need a calibrator to do field calibration on your sound level meter. Scheduling regular sound level meter calibration as part of your routine maintenance cycle will help you save money and stay protected. If you are measuring noise in line with the US OSHA or European Noise at Work regulations (i.e. Despite its full range of features, it is very easy to use and the large backlit display helps when measuring in poor light conditions. New call-to-action. Regular sound level meter calibration with an acoustic calibrator ensures that, if a case goes to litigation, your sound level readings hold up in court. Personalization might seem like a counterintuitive concept in a world of standards, but while there are lots of choices that are made for us, setting up a sound level meter to do specific jobs with our preferred shortcuts and settings, and local language can save precious time especially for non-expert users. I always recommend erring on the side of caution, especially when you are measuring to Standards, Regulations and Guidelines. They are more expensive, but still a cheaper alternative to having two. Please note that for measuring occupational noise to national regulations, you should usually use a Type 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter rather than a simple non-integrating meter such as the NM102. Monitor the maximum or minimum sound levels over short period of time. The CR308 sound level meter provides this measurement. We use the best NIST traceable components in our ISO 17025 accredited sound meter calibration lab. Others have more advanced post-processing platforms intended for analysis and editing of the measurement data. Checking levels in offices, hospital units and other "low noise" environments. These rigorous testing protocols ensure that the electronic components are in good working order and detect shifts in performance that indicate gradual deterioration. The Noise Level Meter is an instrument used to measure the ambient sound level,such as sound level around factories, workshops, schools, residential, offices, road, audio etc.It also can be appropriate for noise … This will significantly influence the size of your upfront investment. This is most useful when viewing parameters such as Max or Min. If the regulations require regular calibration checks then you also need the CR514 Calibrator, which is included in the CK308 Noise Measurement Kit. Labour is the biggest cost for consultants. If you potentially need to measure sound in two adjacent locations simultaneously, then investing in a 2-channel instrument is worth considering. Choosing a sound level meter with a modular platform that can be tailored to any measurement will often be a wise decision. Holds the sound level that is currently shown on the meter - freezes the display. Noise dosimeters measure and store sound pressure levels (SPL) and, by integrating these measurements over time, provide a cumulative noise-exposure reading for a given period of time, such as an 8-hour workday. When browsing the market for a new class 1 sound level meter, there are a few things to take into consideration before requesting a quote from a supplier.