Let’s face it – whiskey isn’t for everyone. Shit, you might never go home again if this girl keeps working it like - is she going for your stuff? Light and fruity, just like Mickey Swarsdon, that kid in middle school who you ridiculed mercilessly for his lisp. I honestly don’t know how that happened. Notes of vanilla and rye, with just a touch of hobo (but the good kind of hobo: Like that old Asian guy who's always yelling about young love to passing couples on the street, not like that big black dude that stabbed you in the calf last winter when you stepped on his hand). They're all good, and you'll have to try a couple before you figure out which one suits your tastes best. Preston's mother. Amber and bright in the glass, this 18-year-old blended whisky melds vanilla, cigar wrapper and chamomile tea notes with nutmeg and cinnamon spice, plus a delicate puff of sweet smoke. Woodford Reserve Bourbon. Because of that, it’s great for beginners who don’t really care too much about the flavor, but are sensitive to the body of the drink itself. The nose is extra smooth, due to the Irish tradition of triple distillation. Like Jameson, Bushmills Original has gone through the same triple distillation process. It's a club, and you can actually buy little 3-round “tasters” of all kinds of whiskeys. Scented with honey and dried apricots, this blended Japanese whisky is remarkably soft for a 21-year-old bottling, with just the evidence of oak tannins as a reminder of age. Light and easy-drinking, this blended Irish whiskey features aromas of apples, pears and fresh-cut grass. The flower petals blossom and are joined with orchard fruits such as apples and pears that give it a nice bite. This provides an added malty, fruity flavor that you normally wouldn’t find in your typical whiskeys. These are easy going, Smooth Whiskies that are bursting with complex flavours, just waiting to be discovered. The finish has a gentle note of honey. Copyright ©2005-2020. Craft beer, artisanal snacks, monthly clubs, grilling, sous vide, and more. Shame on me, and I very much appreciate you calling out my mistake. The finish lingers on this warmth, with los of sweet fruits around it. 90% alcohol would be hand sanitizer LOL and you’d be dead. abv: 46%       Price: $65, 92 points (Ireland; Palm Bay International, Port Washington, NY). And you're okay with that. 1.0 / 5 stars (3 Reviews) A wine with aromas of Bright red fruit flavors combined with hints of vanilla. You didn't even want to go out tonight, but hell - this is great! There you have it, our list of the top five smooth whiskies out there today, are there any others you like? But we’re willing to bet that the person you’re introducing the whiskey to doesn’t care too much about its history (yet), so let’s focus on the taste for now. For Speyside whiskies, we recommend The Balvenie Caribbean Cask. But other than the confusing terminology, Canadian whiskey tastes great and offers a different taste from the restrictive flavors of Scotch and Irish. The nut-brown hue and rich aromas of sweet spice and brown sugar hint at what’s to come. Oak wood and vanilla stand out with a slight sharpness to them. The finish is long and sweet, with lots of malt and oak. So instead, we recommend Ballantine’s 17-years-old to try out. Artisanal snacks, craft beer, monthly clubs, international cuisine, outdoor grilling, sous vide... and more.​​Get a weekly curated list of the BEST content from Food For Net. Please rectify! -> Ready to order? Complex flavors included mellow, rounded vanilla and caramel, peach and apricot, orange peel, plus a light cover of smoke fading to toffee and citrus on the long finish. The conflicting excitement and shame of childish sexuality. It’s really smooth but has some complex flavors, so keep that in mind before sipping so you can prepare for it. You have inadvertently sparked the kind of racial blood feud that could only end amicably if you somehow saved his life while trapped in a basement with two hillbillies, a gimp and a samurai sword. you agree to our use of cookies and the terms of our. The only things you truly love are yourself, the cardinal sins, and fine whiskey. The bartender (he's black, and he fucking loves onions). It gets easier to drink by the sip. You're basically taking on the whole god damn bar, and as soon as you manage to actually land a punch, they'll know it. 94 points (Scotland; Diageo, Norwalk, CT). Oh, nobody! 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Because of how varied whiskey can be, we’re going to give a recommendation of each type of whiskey, from Irish to Bourbon whiskey. Pop on some good music, a great film (whatever you fancy), pour a glass of Aberlour 12 and enjoy! Both dignified and robust. Because this is the kind of beating that's going to last a long, long while. Feels light and silky, finishes long and gently. Try out Dillon’s Rye if you plan on going for a Canadian. And you're okay with that. One of Ireland’s biggest selling Whiskies, Jameson is renowned for its drinkability. A strong smokiness dominates Laphroaig, mercilessly grinding out any other softer, weaker notes. Roscato Smooth. They'll find you partially inside a trash can, half-hugging a scared old man while sobbing something about Mickey Swarsdon's beautiful little hands. Search by flavour or similarity, and find your perfect whisky. The nose opens with honey and orchard notes. Or download our app for more shops. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. Okay, so this whiskey, in particular, may not be the best for beginners, as it does have a relatively high ABV compared to some other whiskeys at 90 proof (45%). It’s great if you need a familiar taste to ease into drinking whisky. abv: 40%       Price: $30, Casa Relvas 2018 Herdade de São Miguel Escolha dos Enólogos Red (Alentejano). ", You'll just have to do whatever you're told. The fruits and earthy notes make it very reminiscent of being in an orchard, with lots of wooded smells and fresh apples. It’s spicy so it may not be for everyone, but the licorice undertones may be enough for a beginner to enjoy (or at the very least, tolerate). Both of these go hand in hand with the earthy, natural qualities of the dram. Think of what type of whiskey suits your friend the most, and then follow the recommendation on this list, and your friend will be joining your whiskey-drinking sessions in no time. But that's okay: The whiskey says you can take 'em all, no problem. Try ReserveBar (USA), Drizly (USA)The Whisky Exchange (UK) or Master of Malt (int. It delivers bold, complex flavor: rounded toffee, allspice, leather, tea and oak, with a mouthwatering saline note and a long but gentle finish. Many people find that whiskey is difficult to get into. Here you have a bottle of whisky from a now-silent distillery, which means there is not only no production there any more, but the whole site has now been torn down so no more Port Dundas whisky will ever be produced. It is SCOTLAND!! abv: 40%       Price: $75, 94 points (Scotland; Diageo, Norwalk, CT). An old man telling war stories to the bartender just a bit too loudly. The belt, baby. That's exactly why we're going to talk about smooth whiskeys for beginners. Sure, they can be other things, too. While not as popular as its Scotch and Irish counterparts, Japanese whiskeys are a strong competitor to the already existing variants of the whiskey family.