X11 But it's not a UX designer's main tool solution. This is my first story and it won’t be a long one. Below, we’ve compiled a list of Sketch alternatives for Windows to help you create high-quality UI designs without needing an Apple device. Inkscape is a Vector program with barebone features, no workflow for web-design at all and the only way to make things pixel perfect is with a plugin that barely solves the issue. I’m on an Asus laptop with 8 GB of RAM, and an SSD (a VM works faster on an SSD, obviously), and I can say it works like a charm. I read it on a forum and decided to find out more about OS X on a VM. Sketch is a UI design tool and its interface, feature set, and workflow are optimised for that. But if you say that Sketch is a Mac only app, how can you run it on Windows? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmqtE8jzDlQ, 6 lessons I’ve learned from my baby about product design. PortableApps.com Windows S Windows If you want to know how to get Sketch on your Windows pc, read on. Work on any platform, no installation required. Mac There are, as we speak, quite a few tools available. Publish components to the team library for others to use. Clicking one of the... Webchemy is an open-source cross-platform web-app for creating idea sparking sketches. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux Programmart. With Sketch, you need a Mac not only to design with but also to open and inspect files. Linux Clicking on the canvas will insert control points, up to 3CPs. If you are on Windows, Linux or Chrome you’re out of luck. Also you can export assets as png, jpg or SVG. Sketch is a vector editing tool for creating and designing digital interfaces for applications, websites, etc. Unfortunately you need a paid account to create more than one project, which can be a drawback. You can always follow me to keep yourself updated about new Sketch tips, but I can recommend you to use Medium’s search query to look up more about Sketch. I am aware of the fact that the video’s are being removed from YouTube. Hidden feature: the Windows Store version supports editing of .sketch files. Avocode has also been on the market for a while now, and seems to gain more popularity. Because Figma works on Windows, Linux, Chrome and Mac, create on any device and share with anyone who has access to a browser. I would recommend you to test out these applications yourself and choose your favorite! Actually it’s more of a heads up/tutorial to people who want to use Sketch but are bound to their Windows operating systems. Build a robust design system with connected UI components. Everyone together in a single source of truth across Windows, Linux, Mac or Chrome. The Pencil... Free Sketch is a UI design tool and its interface, feature set, and workflow are optimised for that. I can go through every step like he does, but then I’m just copying someone who has done a very well job of explaining the process. Based on the desktop application Alchemy, Webchemy takes some of its drawing tools... All the features of other vector editing applications such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, in a free, easy to use, powerful application. Ella (an acronym for Elegant Light Linux Animator) is a light animation software intended to achieve a aim of the Linux world : a functionnal and WYSIWYG (What You See... Popular open source Alternatives to Sketch for Linux, Mac, Windows, Web, PortableApps.com and more. Snapcraft Anyone can insert shared components into team design files. It uses vector graphics so your files should not be enormous like Photoshop’s. With an intuitive interface, thoughtful features and all the power of a native macOS app, you can stay focused on designing incredible products. Finally you can focus on what you do best: Design. It does the same as Zeplin like css generation and even code generation for Swift, Android and React Native.