WE had a sealy pillow top nice mattress but not for anyone who has a bad back,we made a good choice. Offer only valid for purchases made on www.SamsClub.com. Thanks Rooms To Go. This iComfort Blue Fusion 100 twin XL hybrid mattress delivers the right balance of bounce, contoured support & ultra-luxurious feel. I went in to see what the store had for value, as i didnt want to spend thousands of dollars. Estimated delivery time is 10 to 12 business days for standard zones; remote zones may take longer. Haven’t had for long but so far sleeping good and my back pain seems less in the morns. Set looks nice and constructed well. MISSOURI FURNITURE, APPLIANCES & MATTRESSES LOCALLY IN MID-MISSOURI. The minute I tried this mattress, I knew. 6 years later, we decided we should try a king sized bed to see if that would help. My mistake came into play when I didn’t take into account that I am a side sleeper. And then our sleep patterns started to change which made us feel sluggish and cranky. The iComfort Hybrid is an amazing bed! With that being said, it is also a very firm mattress. This bed while firm doesn’t feel as though you’re sleeping on a board. This is an A product and we are so glad to have pulled the trigger on this one. There is good support. Its been a few days Ive slept on my new serta mattress and slept well, less tossing and turning. It has lived up to all of our expectations. You withdraw your consent by exiting your web browser without completing this purchase, selecting the back button, or by selecting some other method of payment. I knew that I wanted a Serta set… I also knew that I could no longer get a decent night’s sleep on a softer mattress. I’ve had it for about a week and I can tell that it is definitely worth it. I do still have a few body aches but not nearly as bad as before and after a few good stretches, those aches subside quickly. Thanks to serta I now sleep through the night! iComfort Hybrid CollectionThe Serta® iComfort® Hybrid is the only mattress that combines the cooling memory foams of the iComfort sleep system with the newest and most advanced coil support system. I have to climb up and over the edge to get out of bed. Your consent applies only to this transaction. No aches or little pains in my back as I have had for years. Hallelujah! Serta Icomfort Hybrid 15" Blue Fusion 3000 Firm Conventional Bed Mattress, Twin X-Large, Gray $2,149.00 $ 2,149. 1” Serta® Balanced Support Foam gives the mattress a slightly firm feel without being too hard. After one year of suffering we traded it in for the Blue 100 and Im happy to report that after only one yes I said one night we were both pain free! Being a larger male I contributed my aches and pains every morning to a lifetime of playing sports and let’s face it, my age. It appears well made, the price is good. With my new mattress (Serta) it is past history. I’ll see in 6 months if the mattress holds it’s shape and firmness. I love being able to turn over and not disturb my partner- if you are going to purchase a new mattress look no further – GO WITH SERTA. I love my new Serta Mattress! Happy to be sleeping good again! However, after two weeks, I started having lower back pains while sleeping and hip pain after rising. I was sleeping on an old innerspring mattress and I was having back pain every morning. *Delivery is available only in the continental United States. My husband and I are absolutely in love with our new mattress set. I couldn’t have asked for a better bed. Thanks Serta. Required fields are marked *. This is in between. We also loved the fact that it promoted cooling since my wife says I am like a furnace at night. Just knowing that my bed was made to order for me and not lying in some warehouse is a plus!!! I have slept better and felt less achy waking up the past week since having this new mattress. Hardware and Software Requirements for Access and Retention: To retain the Special Terms and APR Information disclosure, you will need an Internet browser capable of saving or printing this web page. I like the firm mattress and the softer padding on top. Please add products before saving :). The price was just right! I woke up with no discomfort. You will also need a printer if you wish to print out and retain the Special Terms and APR Information disclosure on paper, and a method of electronic storage if you wish to retain the disclosure in electronic form. Not too firm but firm enough. This bed has helped with my chronic back pain and with pressure points. If it feels as good as it did in the store I’m in for a good nights sleep. If you had a hybrid mattress that fell in between the firm and medium without a pillowtop, I would’ve bought that in a heartbeat. The product is great I got a firm for my daughter and love it. I also fall asleep faster than I ever have. This iComfort Blue Fusion 100 twin XL hybrid mattress is perfect for a college dorm or a teenager's room. My wife and I brought the Serta Hybrid Fusion 100 firm,we both have bad backs but only sleeping on the mattress for two weeks we notice a big difference in our backs , this mattress is Great,I would tell anyone who has a bad back to buy the Serta fusion 100 firm. From the first night I’be noticed an improvement in my sleep. Being in the United States and with the idea to buy a good mattress, I did not have doubt to choose one Serta. Firm mattress with good edge construction.