Can i become IVF technician by taking microbiology????? Hello sir, my sister is doing BSc microbiology, whats d best option for her after her graduation… If she wants to do msc after that also what is best option for her..plz suggest, I am doing microbiology, what are carrier chances after completion and which degree are good for our carrier ya DMLT, i am entering 12th i am intrested in microbiology what can be maximum percentage needed for the field and what are the chances for abroad jobs and salary pls, Sir I have completed 12th and I am interested in studying microbiology and my doubt is in 11th I have opted home science group(biology,homesciene, physics, chemistry, English, language)am I eligible to apply for microbiology study, after p.hd in microbiology (doing govt.colleges)salary started……….. ( plzz sugesest me ). Tat totally depends on which sector u choose clinical or industrial or anything, Sir. 1. In agriculture, biochemistry plays a valuable role in farming, fishery, poultry, sericulture, beekeeping, etc. Please, I’ m doing microbiology .what are the carrier chances after completion this degree. Agriculture microbiology: Genetic engineering is used for the production of transgenic plants and animals. … Once the milk is pasteurized the milk is ready to be processed to reduce fat and liquid content, so what remains is mostly solid content. It is used in clinical diagnosis, manufacture of various biological products, treatment of diseases, nutrition, agriculture, etc. AGRICULTURAL MICROBIOLOGY MAJOR A.I. Once the antibiotic is produced it must be extracted in order to yield an income. 1. Written by MicroDok. For a middle class family’s student which is the best college in India for BSc course? (eds) Principles of Plant-Microbe Interactions. For more information regarding Microbiology, ask your queries below. Please reply immediate. In India, the average salary of a Microbiologist is between 2 to 3 lakhs per year. It describes their origin, formation, function, deficiency symptoms, etc. I did bsc Microbiology from govt clg.hw much I got salary.if i apply in private sector. What is agricultural microbiology…? What is best microbiology or biotechnology?? Please share with me I a m a biochemistry student I need much help and support so please guide me thank you so much. can I do msc microbiology?? This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Food, Industrial or Environmental Microbiologists, Alpha Pharma Healthcare India Private Limited. The plasmids and/ or vectors are used to incorporate multiple copies of a specific gene that would allow more enzymes to be produced that eventually cause more product yield. Bacterial cell helps the milk to change into yogurt using fermentation process. In 2012 the total production of L-Glutamic acid was 2.2 million tons and is produced using a submerged fermentation technique inoculated with C.glutamicum. Thus the importance of clinical biochemistry is to help the nurse monitor the patient’s condition regularly during the treatment. Biochemistry, in general, deals with body molecules like enzymes, carbohydrates, amino acids, fats, proteins, hormones, DNA, RNA, pigments, etc. [9] Yielding more strains that can use other substrates was also another way to increase the productivity of these bacteria. I wish to do medical microbiology…so m I eligible for pursuing it after completion of bsc in microbiology??? by MicroDok. what does pharmacetical microbiology means? Steroids can be consumed either orally or by injection. In this process the contact with oxygen is essential. Can we persue bachelors degree with other field knowledge like hand in hand courses?? And it will be use full in my medical field. Sir, I am doing final year Microbiology in Nagpur.So,after what I choose for great career. The nutrients value of food material can also be determined by biochemical tests. Sir tell me if I complete bsc,msc and specialisation in agricultural microbiology and do phd will I confirmly get job in research and after that can I start my own research after that as I am interested in finding new things and interest to find something in biology I am in class 12.I have dought is there any specialisation in micro biology and for how many years?is it after msc ?pls guide me I want to do research in biology my dream and want to contribute to society.I am very passionate to do pls help me I am ready to take the research seats vacant am I eligible plus reply me soon . Fermentation is a reaction where sugar can be converted into a gas, alcohols or acids. Proudly BIOCHEMIST! plz tell me !!!!! Among these, there are three major groups of microbial inoculants used on agricultural crops: Is there any sort of entrance test for this? This is really Enlightening. Sir i want to do job in food industry I have completed my bsc degree in microbiology and even I have completed foid dairy pharmacutical course diploma to. Morphology, cytology and classification of 2+1 microorganisms 3. Cortisone is an anti-inflammatory drug that fights against arthritis, as well as several skin diseases. It also deals with the microbiology of soil fertility, such as microbial degradation of organic matter and soil nutrient transformations. Thus the importance of clinical biochemistry is to help the nurse monitor the patient’s condition regularly during the treatment. I was in a dilemma before reading this.. Now I know… Knowledge is Power.