This was definitely not what I had expected when I picked it up one Sunday afternoon. When you go into a building look for the exits, take a mental note of how you could escape if you needed to. If you are hiding with people who are not part of your household, wear a mask and maintain a distance of six feet between yourself and others, if possible. You fight for your life and you fight for the lives of those around you. Run, Hide, Fight Back by April HENRY. It’s about a shooting that started in a mall and a girl named Miranda and others are trying to survive. For years, whenever I walk into a movie theater, or a concert, or a sporting event, I look for the closest exits, in case of an emergency or if there would be an active shooter. In just 241 pages it touched on: drug abuse, big pharma. Some instances were predictable but the intent was well-delivered. Do you run? I really wanted to love it for my middle school kiddos, but it was such a convoluted mess. It starts off in a mall with a terrorist attack. Miranda is shoplifting to support her Oxy habit when the shooting starts and she manages to run into a clothing store to hide from the shooters. It’s a very quick read, and I enjoy April Henry’s books. HIDE -If you can’t run, then you need to have a place to HIDE. While, overall, the story is well-written, I felt that the character development was either rushed for some or not there for others. But she’s hiding a big secret―and she’s not the only one. The strength of the group lies in the diversity of the individuals. Audio CD, Audiobook, MP3 Audio, Unabridged. In just 241 pages it touched on: drug abuse, big pharma, anti-vaccinations, sexual abuse, immigration, racism, and consumerism. And just all of them together and the big discussions of being defending themselves and explaining why they aren't living legally in the US, constantly discussing how people are so Islamophobic etc, all collectively seemed to be like just dumping diversity in for the sake of informing people about how they're wrong and thinking they're doing it right. Obviously 241 pages is not enough space to really talk about all of those issues and most were just glossed over and resolved far too quickly. It moved my heart #VBStrong and I felt compelled to talk to you about what happened. But there were a couple who just happened to be in there that day. Holt. I had to explain way too much to my student for her to even follow along, but I have to admit that the plot was compelling at times. ive it on audiobook too..i hope the ending wont be too exdpecting some of these characters to not survive. I wish the author would have chosen one or two big topics to tackle instead of ten. Most of the victims in this recent shooting worked in the building where the shooting occurred. To her own surprise, seventeen-year-old Miranda finds the others looking to her as their leader. The main characters were a Mexican boy who wasn't living legally in the US, a hijabi Muslim girl, a racist & Islamophobic girl and guy (the latter of whom is also a huge conspiracy theorist) who seem to quickly realize they're wrong after talking it out and a boy who doesn't treat his younger sister right but, after a tragedy, realizes he's wrong for doing that. I am a big fan of April Henry, so it pains me so much to say that this one just fell a little flat to me. There had been a mass shooting in Virginia Beach, and 12 were dead. At the beginning of the shooting no one knew why it has started, but later on in the story you find out why the shooting started. Do you fight back? There are basically 3 choices: run, hide, or fight back. Something went wrong. But I do ask you these questions, hoping that you will take a moment to stop and think about how you would react if you were caught in a situation with an active shooter and put a plan together. Get out of harm’s way, just get the hell out of there. I received this book free of charge and am reviewing it voluntarily. It means that I would do everything to attack or try to defeat someone who is attacking or trying to defeat me! It is also full of stereotypes like the conceal and carry guy who t. I waited for this book to be published for so long! We need the FIGHT BACK mindset. Learn more about how to fight back during an active shooter situation on our latest addition of, Your email address will not be published. Please try again. POP COPY ISBN Gr 7 Up — The author brings to life modern-day teen concerns in this suspense-filled depiction of an active shooter situation. Fast-paced, short chapters, tons of action as it's about 5 strangers trying to survive a mall shooting/hostage crisis together, but the little back stories of each character were "cringey". Plus, I wanted to see if it touched on the subject of a mass shooting in a way that would make it helpful to teens. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The strength of the group lies in the diversity of the individuals. I know we don’t want to think of these things, but we must! When Amina decided to shut herself into the store where she worked, hoping that the metal security gate would provide enough protection, she didn't close herself in alone. On 9/11, our entire culture in the United States was changed in a matter of under two hours. I read Run, Hide, Fight Back in one day. There is still so many things that happen, but if you want to know more, you could read the book for yourself. A realistic, fictional account of a shopping mall shooting where terrorist are trying to make a political statement. Cover and Hide If you can’t evacuate, cover and hide. I wanted to write about the tragic active shooter situation, we had right here in Virginia Beach,. What if you’re face-to-face with an active shooter? I think it fits into, unfortunately, a new genre of young adult mass shooting stories.