I am an avid sweets-person and am always anxious to try something cool-sounding, different and always scrumptious!!!!!!! You do not state what size bundt pan you used. over 5,000 ft.. NOTE; you need to use a LARGE bundt pan or a tube pan for this recipe. The cake looks fabulously delicious and very moist. Frost cake with whipped orange topping. Do you have to use 3 sticks of butter? schultzylm1999@yahoo.com, This was so delicious and really moist!! Add cold water and orange soda. Thank you very much Laurie What will i sub for it to not affect the cake? I’m not sure what or how much is a stick of butter. Triple Layer Lemon Cake with Lemon Curd Buttercream, Southern Cottage Pie: Comfort Food At Its Best, Saturday Seven- Best Eats for Cinco de Mayo, Saturday Seven- Amazing Pizza Recipes for Your Oven Or Grill, orange slices and mint leaves (optional garnishes), Putting your cake in the freezer after the baking will help it. In a 2 C measuring cup, heat 1 C water to boiling in microwave. I explain in the instructions below how to get the deep colored orange center. I don’t like the eggy taste in any cake but I know egg played an important role in baking but can i reduce the amount of eggs or omit it? Gonna make one of these soon, very soon by, I’m probably going to need some supervision with this Debra:-(. (See tips below.) & could I half the recipe to make a standard loaf instead of a bundt? …. The recipe doesn’t require any baking soda or powder? But don’t let the orange pour over filling do all the work. We’re bringing connection & friendship back to the table by wrapping everything in the faith and grace from which true hospitality springs! 1 stick of butter = 1/2 Cup 2 Sticks of Butter = 1 Cup 3 Stick of Butter = 1 1/2 Cups. This Orange Cream Cake recipe is super simple and super YUMMY! I also added orange extract in the batter and glaze. Happy Baking, y’all! A place that makes a real difference in your day-to-day and walk with Christ. I omitted the orange zest and opted for orange extract the second time I made this cake. Wouldn’t that be a cup and one half of butter? Can this be made into cupcakes? – Ricci. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your email address will not be published. you use self rising floor and carbonated beverage. Put cake in the refrigerator for 2 hours so that the gelatin can set. To get the DEEP orange color that dips into the center, you see on my cake, I used a separate bowl (once all batter was ready to be poured into the pan) removed about one cup of the batter, placed it in the bowl and added an extra drop of orange food coloring and a little pinch more orange zest, I then poured this FIRST, into my pan, before added the rest of the batter. I have an angel food cake pan. Just one thing…. With so many choices in the blog world, my hope is that at Southern Discourse you will find a place where you feel at home, where the conversations are honest and relatable, a place where you are encouraged and know you belong. Really the kids can make it themselves and then you put it in the oven. I thought I already left my comment; don’t know where it went. You will have extra batter, so I usually use it to bake cupcakes. If you want to see the Lemon Version Click here–>, This has got to be one of my all time favorite cakes. I don’t want to bake a entire cake until I know my dad the taste of the cake. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Your email address will not be published. Preheat oven to 350° Fahrenheit. It's immediately downloadable right from your email inbox. When I checked again the cake had fallen. https://www.mycakeschool.com/recipes/dreamsicle-delicious-homemade What You Need To Make To The Best Orange Creamsicle Poke Cake vanilla cake … Thanks in advance for your answer. With only 2 ingredients, this soda cake is a great cake to make with the kids! The cake rose to the top then spilled over. I am from the UK and these pans are relatively new to me. I used 2 teaspoons of orange extract and no orange zest. Your email address will not be published. You can even add a little orange zest for an elegant flavor punch. It really tastes like a creamsicle! By using the subscribe button, you become an important part of SD and are sure to never miss a post or contest! Yum, yum. I am disabled and just spent an hour writing this out bc my right hand doesn’t work anymore. We’re having bake sales to fund a community project, and they’re easier to handle. Required fields are marked *. This is a flop!! When you reply to my question, I will buy the pan and give the recipe a try and the lemon one sounds delicious too. I also found the glaze to not have enougg orange flavour for my tastes might try again someday and see if I can’t get it right though. How can you adjust the recipe to make two cupcakes. I am gonna give this my best shot and I can’t wait to eat it and share it with my neighbors! This easy sheet cake recipe is a light citrus dream with extra orange flavor from orange soda, orange jello and and fluffy orange whipped topping! Sorry, I read the recipe wrong. Combine cake mix, egg, and orange soda with a mixer. When cake is cool, use a skewer or skinny handled wooden spoon to poke holes in cake. Pour gelatin mixture over cake, making sure it gets in all of the holes in the cake. Mix well. I made this exactly by recipe it ran over in oven, I had a large pan and did not over fill, the batter looked like it was boiling in the pan. Required fields are marked *. Or maybe your group loves sprinkles? Set cake aside to cool (about one hour). For awhile now, I have been meaning to make this cake for you all! Much more orange tasting!!! Using a mixer, mix vanilla cake mix, eggs, butter and orange soda on medium speed for 2 minutes. Mix butter and sugar together for about 10 minutes. Pls indicate the amount of 1stick of butter? Do you have to use a bundt pan? Pour into cake pan and bake for 25 minutes or until toothpick inserted in middle comes out clean. 1 cup? Next time I may cut the soda to half cup. https://www.cdkitchen.com/recipes/recs/175/OrangeDreamsicleCake64536.shtml Add in flour, salt, zest & food coloring. Could you use a diet orange? . An easy sheet cake recipe made using a boxed cake mix and a few extra special ingredients just sings with sunshine-y orange flavor from orange soda, orange jello and and delightfully fluffy orange whipped topping! Do NOT fill more than more than two-thirds full because it does rise more than a regular cake due to the soda added. Your email address will not be published. Just my way of saying thank you for stopping by!