15. Unlike many species of Oenothera, its flowers bloom throughout the day. An attractive species. Aromatic Herbs & Spices. Wildflower Mixes. Climbers & Vines. They should be germinated in the dark at 18 to 20 degrees centigrade about ten weeks in advance. Oenothera species are able to grow in either partially shaded or sunny parts of the garden. 3,80 € * Portion(s) Gram; Seeds; Portion(s) To cart. Annual Flowers & Plants. OENOTHERA SEEDS. Aeonium, Aichryson & Greenovia. Advertisement. General Product Information: Item Number: OENFRU01 Species Type: Native Product Categories: Herbaceous Flowering Species Classification: Herbaceous Perennial Habitat: Fields, meadows, roadsides, open woods. 15; 30; 45 $ £ € $ Name. Oenothera fruticosa: petals 10–25 mm long, style 10–20 mm long, anthers 4–8 mm long, inflorescence relatively more compact, the axis and apex commonly erect in bud (vs. O. perennis, with petals 3–10 mm long, style 3–10 mm long, anthers 1.5–2.5 mm long, and inflorescence of scattered flowers, the axis and apex commonly drooping in bud). Narrow-leaf evening primrose, Oenothera fruticosa, is native to eastern North America, where it grows in open landscapes such as dry woodland, rocky outcrops and grasslands. Seeds from our rarest plants. It bears lance-shaped, fresh green, alternate leaves and large saucer-shaped, bright yellow flowers. Name; Price; Displaying all 12 seeds. OENOTHERA 'APRICOT DELIGHT' Family: Onagraceae | Common name: Oenothera odorata Vast three inch fragrant lemon-yellow saucers slowly change colour through apricot to pink with age. Item No. Seeds for € 0.99 per package. They are partial to a light soil that is a little sandy and slightly acidic (pH 5.5 to 7). Oenothera fruticosa, commonly called sundrops or southern sundrop, is an erect, day-flowering member of the evening primrose family. This native typically grows 15-30” tall and produces terminal clusters of bright yellow four-petaled flowers on stems clad with lanceolate green leaves. Common Name(s): Narrow-leaf Evening Primrose; Southern Sundrops; Sundrops; Phonetic Spelling oh-no-THER-ah froo-tih-KOH-sah Description. Oenothera is a genus of about 145 species of herbaceous flowering plants native to the Americas. Print Article Sheet; recommend; Please login to access Wish List. Oenothera plants can be grown indoors first. OENOTHERA fruticosa 'Youngii' Sundrops. Aroids - Dragon Plants. Oenothera fruticosa. OA018 . It is the type genus of the family Onagraceae.Common names include evening primrose, suncups, and sundrops.They are not closely related to the true primroses (genus Primula Hibiscus, Mallows & Co. Ornamental Grasses. Fruits and Vegetables. Sundrops is a native, perennial, erect, day-flowering member of the evening primrose family. Once sown lightly cover the evening primrose seeds. Oenothera fruticosa var. Plants with Bulbs, Corms & Rhizomes (Geophytes) Shrubs and Trees. Flowers are followed by distinctive club-shaped seed capsules. Ethnobotanical Seeds - Magic Plants. fruticosa Sundrops.