Thank you for the comment Amanda . I consider myself an expert on chocolate chip cookies. Awesome!! So glad to hear they still worked out! . They are best eaten in or out of the refrigerator within about 3-4 days . Hi Jenna, Where have you seen that there are only 130 calories for the batch? I have liquid coconut oil on hand. While the texture of these is best on the first day (I like to make small batches and eat them fresh), they’ll keep uncovered at room temperature for 2 to 3 days. And thanks for the tip about making oat flour from oats in the blender! Great flavor and they didn’t crumble at all! Wow this yummy, thanks for the lesson please , am really thankful with this , I will try it with my daughter. Oh such a bummer! I bake these according to the directions, but they stayed as ball forms even after being done baking. So happy to hear you enjoyed these! Do you think these would ship okay? . The recipe calls for a large egg, not medium. Thanks so much for commenting with your adaptations so other readers can try them out Thanks for your comment JJ! I followed all instructions except used coconut sugar instead of brown sugar. Will it ruin weight loss progress as much as butter? So happy to hear you enjoyed these cookies even if they did end up with a bit more spread Thanks for the comment! optional 1/3 cup chopped macadamia or walnuts. And these look majorly perfect girlfriend! I haven’t tried replacing the sugar in these so I’m not sure. I wanted them to be the healthiest possible cookie, but not to taste like…cardboard. I usually add instant or cook to serve vanilla pudding to my regular chocolate chip cookies, ( keeps them moist) so I did that to these and it worked well. Definitely have to double the recipe though. Rolled them in my hands prior to placing on cookie sheet. I just line the pan with parchment paper . I am so trying this! YUM! You have a very nice website! I love it. I am very anxious to taste the finished cookie! Hey! Hope that helps . My cookies came out super flat, so I will try to use perhaps less baking soda. Oh my gosh…no butter OR flour?! Thanks for sharing! I’ll be buying coconut oil soon and trying it out the original way, but they held their form pretty well with canola too Just had to bake them a bit longer though, used 20 minutes instead of ten, Hey Isha! Thanks. That means I can eat the whole batch, right?! I loved It. I think certain types of coconut oil have a tendency to produce a bitter taste in baked goods. These are amazing! sorry – clearly I did not read. Can I substitute almond flour for oat flour? Thanks so much for the recipe!!:). We made ours with Poulain’s dark Carambar chocolate (yummy French stuff). I love a little crispier cookie so the next five I flattened a little. Make sure to measure it in a liquid form. What should the texture look like? Bake for 8-10 minutes or until lightly browned around the edges. They were gooey, chewy, and tasted like the chocolate chip cookies from chick fil a! I’ve actually never frozen this dough so I couldn’t say. NO SUGAR SUGAR, weil es sich nicht um Zucker handelt, aber wie Zucker schmeckt, wie Zucker süßt und dabei viel gesünder ist! I have to say this is by far my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe! So glad these were so enjoyed! Thank you so much for the comment! Don’t tell your kids… I found myself apologizing to the people of Trader Joe’s the other day. I’ve made these so many times and never tasted anything bitter so I did a little research… Is there a possibility your oats may be old/rancid? and just chill the dough for longer. They look so incredible, and I love all the healthy swaps. Hope that helps. Other than the butter/molasses swap, I followed the recipe. Thanks again!! So glad to hear you liked these and your substitutes worked out well thanks for the comment!! Just made this cookies and they are awesome! Thanks so much for the comment Tricia . Hi, I tried this cookie recipe out on my blog and it was a hit on the first try! They have a lovely crispy edge and the perfect amount of chewiness and I love the slight nutty oat flavour. The first time I made them I followed the recipe exactly and while they tasted great the were quite flat and oily but I made them again last week using only half the oil (as another comment mentioned) and they turned out absolutely perfect:) still made 18 Cookies and they had a better texture for my cookie preference. Hi Chelsea- any chance you know the nutritional facts if I altered the recipe in the following way: unsweetened apple sauce instead of coconut oil and Splenda brown sugar instead of brown sugar. Its very liquidy and not dough form at all. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with being possessive over these cookies I hope they did great in the auction/bake sale! Coconut oil has a lot of health benefits and it’s not all saturated fat. Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe: Preheat oven to 380 degrees. Hope you enjoy! Hmm I’ve had a few comments about baking soda and I suppose you could reduce the amount (but I haven’t tried that) or try mixing it in better. I have PCOS and i’ve been looking for cleaner eating options. I really like the taste though! Thanks again! Xoxox. Hey Michelle. Well if you are a long time reader of CMA, you’d probably expect the first thing – oat flour. When I added those ingredients after the oats I found it difficult to get a good distribution. So thrilled you enjoyed these! 5ml baking soda I found myself apologizing to the people of Trader Joe’s the other day. Yet again another great recipe. 4. Thanks so much. Which, honestly, the chilling is the hardest part of this recipe…the waiting is excruciating . I love these cookies. Melt the coconut oil and let it cool slightly before adding to the bowl. Photographs by Lauren Volo. OMG I just made them and they are delicious!!! More coconut oil? The photos were too tempting to resist trying for myself. Thanks for refurbish a timeless classic, love it! I have a 4 year old boy who was begging me for chocolate chip cookies. They need to be fairly soft and chewy.