The Adeptus Custodes Forge World units are now complete with finalized 40k rules! World’s range of Adeptus Custodes models, alongside common abilities and points values for those datasheets. Today we see the new Imperial Armour Compendium up for pre order from Forge World! Chapters featured in Forge World’s Imperial Armour books for use in games of 6. th. The Forge Worlds were settled by Cult Mechanicus colonists sent from Mars, the first of the Forge Worlds, soon after the ancient Mechanicum completed its conquest of Mars during the Age of Strife.Their goal was to continue the Quest for Knowledge, the central dogma of the Machine God's faith, by spreading across the galaxy. They also are not useable in the codex formations by and large. BETA RULES The datasheets presented here are in a beta format. Forge World model rules on 9th Discussion I am getting excited for the first wave of new codexes when I realized that it has been almost 9 months since it got announced that they where discontinuing the inperial armour codexes and GW would take over the rules writting for them. query has come up in play, entitled ‘Imperial Armour rules query’ to Custodes – Reinforcements have arrived. edition Warhammer 40,000. Some tournaments and such may ban forge world or specific models. They're perfectly useable in 40k as long as they have rules for 40k. Forge World Warhammer 40k rules have always been a highly divisive issue going back to the very first resin casts. If you’re an Adeptus Custodes player who has been wishing that all those sweet resin Forge World Legio Custodes models had rules for your games of 40k, well, you’re in luck! If you have any queries about Imperial Armour rules, army lists or units, please send an e-mail, including examples of how this . The interior of a Forge World manufactorum. Some of the stuff from Forge World is 30k exclusive. Forge World is a separate design studio within GW. As with all our beta rules, we would like to invite you, the players, to use them in level 2. These rules are designed to supplement those found in Codex: Adeptus Custodes. The Forge World Facebook page is the place to discuss all the great articles you’ve read here, and to share pictures of your own painted Forge World models.. Post your thoughts on building, painting and gaming with Forge World models, whether that be in the dark and distant future, or across the battlefields of the Mortal Realms. ... FW also makes a bunch of space marine models that do not have 40k rules, as they're intended for use in games of Battles in the Age of Darkness/Horus Heresy, which uses an entirely different rule system to 40k. The main reason for this has been the inexplicable divide between Forge World and Warhammer 40k rules teams.