Reserve yours today. With the 2020 Gladiator Mojave, the Future of Off-Roading Lies in Jeep's Military Past. The almost $1 million supercar’s 90 kWh battery pack gives it a 500km territory. CodeQL security analysis powers GitHub code scanning and has helped prevent thousands of vulnerabilities in open so…. Tesla Roadster is an all-electric hypercar developed by Tesla Motors. Electric supercars … The Hyundai Ioniq Electric, one of the most efficient electric vehicles, is E.P.A. Who Knew Something Like Pencil Lead Would Be So Important! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Nio flaunts the vehicle has twofold the downforce of a Formula One racecar and conveys an F-22 military pilot involvement by cornering at 3Gs. Today, Musk added that the new Tesla Roadster is going to be offered with new “special colors”: “We will have special colors for new Roadster, as we did for the original”. We are … Rivian sells out first version of its electric pickup, Texas will host the largest solar project in the US, You’re reading Electrek— experts who break news about, Get interesting investment ideas by Fred Lambert, ChargePoint Home WiFi Enabled Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger, Electric Vehicle Price Guide – best prices for dealers in the US, Tesla to launch ‘special colors’ for the new Roadster electric supercar, the next-generation Tesla Roadster in 2017, Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos. Now that we are at the end of 2020, it’s clear that the electric supercar is not coming this year, but we are getting closer to the release of the vehicle that Musk described as a ‘halo’ car. You Might Want To Reconsider Your Belief. The eight best electric supercars. And no, Tesla isn’t the only player in the market! It can go zero-to-100 kph in less than three seconds. You can send tips on Twitter (DMs open) or via email: Dozens Of Rare And Vintage Chevrolets Lost To Fire At HBO Dealership, Three Motorcycles To Get Your Riding Life Started On A Budget, Technology: Important As Well As Discriminating, The Differences In The Battles Fought Against Measles Around The World, Temporary Ban On Google From From Accessing Voice Recordings In The EU Over Privacy Concerns, Katie Price Faced With Social Backlash After Going For A Celebrity-Only Holiday Service, This Instagrammer Is Introducing Amazing Pictures Of Horses Into Our Instagram Feed. More. The vehicle has a top speed of 313 kph and a total horsepower of 1,341, giving it a zero-to-100 time of just 2.7 seconds. rated at 122 MPGe, yet the Tesla Model S Performance car earns a 98 MPGe rating. What color option would you like Tesla to offer for the new Roadster? The Tesla Roadster 2020 also claims a range of 620 miles (or 1000 km) per one full charge. 2020 “Global Electric Supercar Market” lists the ruling vendors and provides the significant industry analysis of the key terms influencing the Electric Supercar market. For those unaware, Tesla’s very first vehicle was a two-seater sports car named ‘Roadster’. Tesla's first praise-worthy non-family supercar, Roadster 2020, brags some mind-numbing specs. Tesla Model S Performance- Tesla has stopped talking about the horsepower figures for its cars, however, the $99,990 Tesla Model S Performance is more than amazing. It at present holds the record for quickest road lawful electric vehicle to surpass 336 kph, yet the organization claims it can even get to 350kph. 2020 “Global Electric Supercar Market” lists the ruling vendors and provides the significant industry analysis of the key terms influencing the Electric Supercar market. Some electric supercars you might have heard of, ... JUL 09 th 2020 Dan Trent. Your email address will not be published. Side Camera Mirror System Confirmed As Standard For Honda E By Honda, Don Mcgahn Opposes Subpoena As Trump Conflict With Congress Escalates, Think Electric Vehicles Don’t Cause Any Pollution? New York International Auto Show. These Five Electric Supercars Will Prove You Wrong! Here are five of the most powerful all-electric supercars. Tesla says its top speed is 262kph and it conveys a normal scope of 345 preceding total release. The show will be held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center on 11th Avenue between 34th and 39th … Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla plans to launch ‘special colors’ for the new Roadster electric supercar. It can do a quarter-mile in just 8.9 seconds, and its top speed is over 250 mph. An all-electric vehicle, the Tesla Roadster is the quickest car in the world, with record-setting acceleration, range and performance. The electric rocket-of-a-car can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds. Genovation GXE- The Genovation GXE is a tricked out all-electric Chevrolet Corvette with 800 horsepower. By: Matt Bubbers | March 11, 2020. Though the British firm has carved out an impressive reputation for producing lightweight track-day toys, Ariel buckled… Enter Graphene! Can There Be Health Benefits From Burning Sage? If you thought electric supercars are weak, you would be dead wrong. Fred is the Editor in Chief and Main Writer at Electrek. By John R. Quain 23 February 2020. Tesla is a transportation and energy company. The Supercar That's Also a Hybrid . (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); When Tesla first unveiled the next-generation Tesla Roadster in 2017, Musk said that it will come to market in 2020. Manhattan Motorcars will be featuring our line of performance and luxury vehicles at the upcoming New York International Auto Show on April 10-19, 2020. Lotus Evija electric supercar looks rad in red Lotus , after years of humming along, is ready to return with a wallop -- an all-electric 2,000-horsepower kind of wallop . Genovation GXE-The Genovation GXE is a tricked out all-electric Chevrolet Corvette with 800 horsepower. Along with a consequential data of 2019, global Electric Supercar industry report also provides forecast from 2020 to 2025 based on Electric Supercar … Here are the original colors that Tesla offered for the Roadster back in 2008: For the new Roadster, Tesla has only unveiled a red working prototype and a grey model: But here are some renders with different color options that we previously shared thanks to the work of an Electrek reader: Any color that catches you eye? Owing to their electric drivetrains and power supplies, the power delivery is almost instant. Written by Manhattan Motorcars on March 5, 2020.Posted in Blog, Coming Soon, In the news. Tesla boosts Model S range again, now beating Lucid Air. Let us know in the comment section below. The almost $1 million supercar’s 90 kWh battery pack gives it a 500km territory. The automaker discontinued the model back in 2011, but the new Roadster is a next generation version of that original vehicle. Your email address will not be published. Nio EP9- Nio is highly deserving of the title of “Tesla of China.” With the EP9 supercar, it’s undeniable the organization implies business. The next-generation 2020 NSX utilizes a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine that's mid-mounted in its chassis and connected to three electric motors -- two in the front, one in the rear -- to produce all-wheel control and performance. While there are broad understandings of the hierarchy in power, price and performance in the sports, super and hypercar worlds there’s still a Wild West, frontier-like feel about their electric … Postpartum Depression May Be Just The Tip Of The Iceberg, Facial Recognition Is Now Getting Serious With The Latest Child Monitoring Technology. Instantaneous otherworldly levels of torque enough to push your guts out. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. News, video highlights, calendar, results and live timing from the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, formerly the V8 Supercars Championship.