She can punish fighters who over-commit to an attack, but can be somewhat predictable. Add to that his light weighted movements that make him a few frames faster than his other Link counterpart and you have a just oK character that has trouble KO’ing opponents. The Mushroom Kingdom: Super Smash Bros. Melee (GCN) sound clips. Cape can actually 2-frame opponents or people that regrab, and combos into either down smash, up smash, or up-b depending on the character. Use Down-B. He really struggles with falcon tho. Sheik is very linear when dashing (she only has 4 basic options -> downsmash, dash attack, SH fair and grab). Sí, ese personaje que tanta gente usa... xD. Only problem is that there aren't matchup guides for every character. nope, peach cc dmash will beat that. It's his most broken combo. A fast fighter who uses dashes to punish his opponents, his ground-to-air combo is unreal and can quickly perform short hops to do aerial combos from the ground. Doc has a chaingrab that ends in a kill as well as a sick gimp game. Samus has numerous effective projectiles that can zone her opponents well. Landing nair is so safe on shield and combos/sets up for jab locks, nair offstage can gimp/kill opponents, and nair on ledge covers so many options. Falcon's second best stage in this matchup, imo. Pichu - 7.3 Worst Match. Your vote — How you voted this match. I'm not sure that I agree with what the second link says you should counter pick against Falcon; BF, FoD, and Dreamland. Add to that his potent juggling and combo ability and you have a fighter that can KO opponents with ease. While this might cost us an intuitive and easily made/interpreted visual guide, it will lead to a quality chart that clearly and thoroughly defines a matchup. Please back up claims with facts. Current match up chart: She can space in the air so that she never gets hit by anything meaningful, let alone get grabbed. Imo it's falcon. These type of pages are very useful for eSports, e-sports, down air can be used to start combos around 50%. Bing [Bot] Cambiar contraseña. There are characters like Yoshi that are somehow mid-tier despite literally not having positive matchups. Matchup Search Enter your character: Bowser Captain Falcon Donkey Kong Dr. Mario Falco Fox Ganondorf Ice Climbers Jigglypuff Kirby Link Luigi Mario Marth Mewtwo Mr. Game & Watch Ness Peach Pichu Pikachu Roy Samus Sheik Yoshi Young Link Zelda Cookies help us deliver our Services. Please post any info you have on Falcon's matchups here, or state whether you agree or disagree with any of his current matchups. Use these strategies Yeah, my idea was for people to discuss it in this thread. Sheik tech chase and edgehog game is too reliant on guesses and she can't threaten spacies with the tools that she has well enough. Something else that's fun is shino-stalling on the rock. An extremely efficient fighter with fast attacks and excellent combo and damage output, his entire kit is way overpowered. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Also Sheik can up-tilt through the platforms, so she can more or less camp one side of the stage very safely. It’s best to use it for recovering horizontally. Deselect Dr. Mario and play regular Mario. Might just be a matter of compiling different match up guides then. Ness. He throws pills instead of fireballs, he wears a Dr.'s coat, and the one most people overlook, he is stronger, but slower. He only shines during close combat with decent grab/combo abilities aimed at punishing other fighters in short bursts but struggles to KO opponents. At high level i would say Puff invalidates Doc. A competitive Melee focused extension of the reddit Super Smash Brothers community. Peach has one of the best aerial games in Melee. Peach is IMO one of docs better top tier matchups. Find weak and strong matchups for Dr. Mario.