They review how to write, review, and delete... Learners depict story elements in a visual medium, exhibit creativity through the completion of the drawn image, and practice computer skills. Why Are Good Math Skills Important with Technical Careers? For this daily skills lesson, 2nd graders practice using computers to help meet individual IEP goals and to practice everyday skills. Using video 16 from the 27-part Microsoft Excel 2016 series, viewers learn how to freeze and unfreeze rows and columns in a spreadsheet. How does Excel help people better organize information? Help young computer wizards make their spreadsheets stand out. They then compose an autobiography using proper mechanics and Microsoft Word. Begin by tapping into prior experience with email and word processing. They use computer... Students access a variety of resources on the Internet related to basic computer operations and parts. Students write a poem and use it to develop their storyboard. Students then print and share their poems with the class. Konnichiwa! 26 Pupils discover the answer through a short, instructional video. Using the Beginning Excel eBook, scholars learn the basics of creating, editing, and using spreadsheets. Using video 22 of 27 in the Microsoft Excel 2016 educational series, pupils learn how to use the conditional formatting command. In today's world, information is very important. Teach your students how to type with this lesson plan. Using an efficient video, viewers discover how to use Microsoft Word's Mail Merge feature to save time when creating multiple labels, envelopes, letters, name tags, and other documents. They... Students review basic terminology that they would use to reference computers in media arts. They practice using the Internet through a variety of web searches, information gathering activities, and Internet communication. Beginning eBay users may benefit from this scripted procedural for using the popular online marketplace. They also gain information... Jane has 20 bananas and gives 16 away; how many are left? Using the resource, viewers learn about adding shapes to a Microsoft Word document to make it more visually appealing. Viewers of a helpful video learn how to create polished prose by running a spelling and grammar check. In groups, they decide on a project to complete on a geographical topic. Computer printables, Computer worksheets, and more. Technology Lesson Plans Overview: Kindergarten and First grade students concentrate on acquiring beginning technology skills with a strong focus on developing mouse, typing, and word processing skills. They will use the book, Desert Giant to... Pupils creatively utilize a word processor in order to do daily journal writing. Title: Keyboard and Mouse Skills Lesson Plan Author: LoveToKnow Subject: Keyboard and Mouse Skills Lesson Plan Keywords: Keyboard and Mouse Skills Lesson Plan The lesson is written two different ways, one for computer use and one without. Pull up a chair ... it's time to learn about tables. After a teacher-led demonstration of how this technique works,... Learners engage in producing responses to "what" questions and their written responses will be recorded in a Travel Journal. When you use a laptop or other keyboard, do you use just one or two fingers to find the letters you need? They learn how to select all text at once, copy, paste, save, and undo the last action in a document. When someone wants to know what grade he or she needs on the final exam to pass the class, Excel's What-If Analysis feature helps figure it out. This informational reading activity can be used in your literacy or computer class. Read on to find out what databases are and how they're helpful. Included here are several handy worksheets and full instructions on how to use them. With an informative video, scholars discover how to use SmartArt in a Microsoft Word document. Students discuss their computer skills. To complete the project, teams deliver a... Save time and take a shortcut! When working in Excel, sometimes it's necessary to modify a cell's layout or size. Use lesson plan outlines for specific computer skills topics you want to cover in class. Ever think, "If only I had a robot to do this for me!" Through teacher modeling, they open and close various links and websites to find specific information. You can test out of the first two years of college and save This is an introductory lesson to help you learn to type. A helpful video shows viewers learn how to use the document inspector to remove hidden personal information and check for other issues. The document illustrates each step with screenshots and includes clear and effective instructions that prompt active engagement.... Students understand basic functions in a word processing program.In this keyboarding instructional activity, students create a document using capital letters, spaces, saving, and moving the cursor. They discuss adjectives as a class and read Many Luscious Lollipops by Ruth Heller. Teach computer skills to any level of computer user with a helpful reference sheet. Using the familiar story of The Three Little Pigs, the class works collaboratively to code robots in a way that travels from picture to picture following... Get to know the computer program, Microsoft Word, by completing 24 tasks, including typing a line of text, experimenting with format options, inserting page numbers, headers, footers, and more. They also discover how to identify the parts of a chart and create charts with existing Excel data. Scholars discover how to use data... Two heads are better than one! They read their reports to the teacher and class. The kids of Roxboro use the Internet to build their computer skills. The handy video from the Microsoft Word series has the answer! Third graders create reports in the fashion of small books. They utilize basic computer... 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