OMNIDIRECTIONAL – Turn this pattern on whenever you need to record something with your group. Behringer C1 is the large-diaphragm condenser microphone which is specially made for the studio recordings. They have also made some of the versatile mics, yet they are much focused on making the best mics for every category to fall into. Samson has produced mics based on many professions. This mic is specially made for podcasters to start with the budget mic. You are not going to need any drivers to install in your pc to use this mic. K669 has got the inbuilt cable to this mic. As these are all entry-level mics you can always get started with this and later on move to some other. We love it because you get a direct, smooth and intimate sound which is perfectly suited to acoustic guitars and vocals. Most of the people prefer bidirectional patterns when they have to record duets or group songs. They have designed it very professionally. The Rode NT-USB Mini Microphone is perfect for those who have never owned a condenser mic before and just need a solid option for recording guitars and vocals or creating podcasts directly via USB. Bidirectional Polar Pattern is the pattern that captures the sound from the front and backside of the mic. If you are very serious about your recording and studio stuff then this mic will not let you down. This is all your personal choice. You can check it out also. If you are not sure about scaling and just want to record your voice, then I will suggest you to check out more of the cheaper and normal options available ahead. You can go with ATR 2500 if you are thinking to do voiceovers, podcasting, studio recording or music demos as this mic is pretty basic. Choose the design which you like and also check out what material is used in the mic. There are so many brands out there in the market of mics. The cardioid polar pattern ensures any unwanted background noise is reduced whilst the built-in three-point shock mount minimizes handling noise – ideal for gigs and those who like to hold the mic when singing. You need a phantom power supply to connect this. You might get attracted to this mic classy design and built quality of this microphone. MXL 770 is the XLR microphone which means you are going to need a phantom power supply to use this mic. They’re also very sensitive to pressure variations, ideal for vocals and instruments but not for extreme close-miking. This is good looking and one of the most recommended portable mic. The design of this mic is normal. Well, we’ve got you covered, as fortunately there are a variety of different options available to you that won’t break the bank. They manufacture mics that are very seamless to carry anywhere. This pattern picks up the sound only from a single direction. You will get the best. The thing is, you should not end up regretting after your buy. The design of the Samson Meteor is impressive. This might be the issue for some people but that is all about the construction part. If you’re a content creator or a beginner in some content work then this mic is for you. We could go on about how Noel Gallagher uses it or the fact that it’s won a myriad of awards, but it’s the sound that you’ll love. Snowball has the normal noise cancellation which is not the best one. You are going to find only condenser microphones in this list. You might lose some gain control as there are not so many options. There are various types of diaphragm sizes in the mics based on what it is made for. If you want to upgrade you can also check out the other AT 2035 variation of this mic, which is the highest mic in this series. Even if we are already covering this in this article, I would like to share this with you. This is not what you get in all other mics. is the pattern which you will see common in most of the mics. You might feel some harsh high sound while recording the vocals. That will give you a smoother experience while streaming. XLR Microphones come with the XLR cable. Get the best match for you from this list. But K669 has got the crystal clear sound output. You are going to get a smoother experience with this while recording. You're getting one of the best cheap condenser microphones along with a host of accessories that will improve your vocal recordings. [Analog to Digital Converter] which makes the quality of this mic on vocals pretty nice. You must consider your pricing and budget before getting a new mic. Shop a full range of budget condenser microphones and studio-grade condenser mics over at PMT Online or call in to your local PMT store to speak to our experts about your studio microphone needs. Many users have complained that this mic picks up some unwanted noise as the noise cancellation is not that great in this mic. If there are any issues in sound quality or connection (other than physical damage) you can get it done by the company itself for free. Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved. That does not affect the quality of the sound much. For now we are looking for the cheap microphones that will be under $100 with quality recording and sound. Choosing the correct polar pattern based on your need is. Direct to stand mounting make it ideal for those with a limited setup – you don’t NEED a cradle or pop shield! This may be a "cheap" condenser microphone, but that’s only in terms of price. Best Budget Condenser Microphones 2020 – Large & Small Diaphragm Posted June 2, 2018 March 23, 2020 Budget Studio Before we dive into the best budget condenser microphone, I highly recommend you to check out the ultimate guide to studio microphones first, where I went through different types of microphones and what those technical specs mean. In this package you get a 3-meter XLR cable and sE’s Isolation Pack, which is a high-performance quick-release shock mount with an integrated adjustable pop filter saving you a lot of money should you buy them separately. If you have to share your mic with someone other then this can be your choice over a cardioid polar pattern. At geeksper, we provide you with everything you need to know about the microphones and the stuff related to it. Well, we love the Rode M3 as it delivers sonic performance akin to microphones at least twice the price. Here are 11 of the best podcast microphones to get the best vocal performance for your show. Thanks to the max SPL of 121dB you’re ready for smaller guitar cabs, acoustic instruments and vocals and capture all the subtle nuances of the instrument beautifully. So, availability is not the issue. That is not anything hard in this mic, as this mic also gives you more features with this too. Whether you're podcasting, singing or recording amp cabs or acoustic guitars - you're covered either way. Microphones are available in so many varieties, you are going to find a microphone however you want. If you are thinking of getting a backup mic for your primary premium one which you will get later, then you can pick this up. In our top 7 best condenser mic under 300 dollars list, this is the best entry level condenser microphone for anybody to take a start off. You simply can’t compare any of this mic with $500 or $1000 mics. This, in combination with the frequency range of 20Hz - 20kHz and ultra-low noise, means you get incredible detail without any of the unwanted background interference. This is a perfect option for recording drums, guitars AND vocals (yes you can use a pencil mic for vocals) as the -15dB pad switch allows you to adjust your microphones for a variety of scenarios.