Involvement of all the partners results in higher quality,lower cost and less time to market. Lambert, D.M. (2002) The evolving roles of shipping lines in international logistics. Richey JrR.G., Chen, H., Upreti, R., Fawcett, S.E. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal 10(4): 252–263. Expert Syst Appl 35(3):828–835, Wu WW, Lee YT (2007) Developing global managers’ competencies using the fuzzy DEMATEL method. 8. Information transperancy: ( yu zhenxin (2001) Each member of the supply chain should have complete information about the other members. SC manager identify human factors as the primary barrier to SC collaborati. and Masters, J.M. Effective supply chain requires coordination across businesses and within the business. Technovation 27(12):744–765, Lambert BM, Stock JR, Ellram LM (1998) Fundamentals of logistics management. Delivery: percentage of entire order deliver to the customer when he or she wanted it. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of On-time delivery: The development of closer, cooperative relationships with chain partners together with the establishment of integrated systems and processes make it possible to consistently deliver goods and services to customer at the right time and at the right place. and Magnan, G.M. Inadequate information system: Inadequate information system is that lack in quantity and quality of information if not enough information is shared or the information shared is of little value strategic SCM may fail. In: Kahraman C, Öztayşi B (eds), Supply Chain Management Under Fuzziness, Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing 313. and Magnan, G.M. 1) Internal view point (Economic value is used) 2) External view point (Market capitalization is used). Vital bridges to. This collaborative supply chain enables all parties to respond to their customer speedily. when and how much is to be purchased..This will leads to successful implementation of Just-in Time manufacturing concept. In case manufacturers and distributers fails to accurately forecast customer demands then there are chances of stock outs and organizations face difficulties in maintain adequate inventory level. Applied Psychological Measurement 9(2): 139–164. . Notteboom and Rodrigue, J.-P. (2008) Containerisation, box logistics and global supply chains: The integration of ports and liner shipping networks. In this way this article provide valuable insight into the state and direction of supply chain practice. Fabrigar, L.R., Wegener, D.T., MacCallum, R.C. Suppply base reduction: Supply base reduction is use by the firms to enhance quality , increase responsiveness , and reduce cost . And bridges/solutions are the mirror image of the most of the barriers (e.g., poor management leads to barrier; careful management is the bridge). This article attempts to identify potential benefits ,barriers and bridges of successful implementation of SC integration . (Fawcett, S.E. Some ways of giving training to individuals are, Some other bridges includes: Suppply base reduction, Vendor managed inventory (vmi), Use of total cost analysis, Common goals and shared mission statement, Use of cross-functional teams and cross-functional processes. A different strategy and supportive culture and leadership style is required for different supply chains. (1994), “Emerging logistics strategies: blueprints for the next century”, International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, Vol. One of the most important benefit due to which organizations are adopting SCM is to increase revenues and decrease costs.