She entered the media industry in 2005 with a renowned show “Pak Raha Hai Kya” and currently being the part of Masala TV family. She is currently hosting a cooking show on Masala TV known as “Handi” along with the co-host Abeel Javed in which she shares some unique and tasty…. There are lots of stories about how it was initially made but the truth is that this is among the perfect Biryani. She is one of the leading cooking experts well known for her unique and mouthwatering pakistani recipes. Surprisingly, making chicken dum biryani is faster and simpler compared to veggie version due to a ton less cleaning and chopping of veggies. Be careful not to let it burn, if starting to catch, add a few splashes of the reserved mutton chop water 4 Add the tomatoes, red chilli flakes, 1 heaped tbsp … Rida Aftab is known for her expertise cooking skills and tremendous knowledge for different foods. Add the tomato puree to the half-done chicken and mix. Find Born in Karachi Pakistan, he obtained his early education from Pacsidal School, Nazimabad. From chicken recipes to all sweet dishes, we have a great collection for you. In a pan add 2 tbsp of oil add mutton and fry till golden brown now add remaining mixture cook until oil separated add fry mutton in it. 16. Take the carrots and onions and saute in the cooking oil.2. But these days’ chicken, fish, and prawns will also be found in making dum biryani. Method: Boil pasta, set aside. Method 1. Drain in a sieve and let it stand for a minute or two. Zubaida Appa learned cooking after her marriage and started cooking for her family. These cooking programs are gateway to some amazing recipes owned by Chef Gulzar Hussain. Steamed cluster beans is seasoned with mustard seeds, split black gram, coconut, ground n... It’s a very simple south Indian preparation with crunchy bites with spring onions and the... Chooza biryani is one of the aromatic and special recipe which made from fresh spring chi... Afghani biryani is one exclusive biryani dish with spicy and dry fruits incorporated perfectly with rice and meat. Afghani mutton biryani is not easily available in restaurants so here we are providing you with the amazing and unique recipe of afghani mutton biryani. Gulzar Hussain is one of the famous cooking experts and celebrity chefs. Try out all the recipes by shireeen anwar ranging from desi recipes to chinese recipes. Dum Biryani Restaurant Style is the technique of cooking helps to make the recipe much more delicious because the closing accomplishes maturing. Shireen Anwar Born on May 15th in Karachi, Pakistan, Chef Shireen Anwar took her early education from Mama Parsi School. When the chicken is half done, add the tomato puree and mix. Do not stir to hard otherwise the rice will break. Marinate mutton with a little salt and ginger garlic paste. Rida Aftab recipes are easy to make and takes minimum time for preparation. Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). Mutton casserole with buttery champ potato, Ale-braised mutton and kidney faggots with peas, lettuce and mint, Begin by boiling the mutton chops for 15–20 minutes in a pan of water. 3. Ingredients: Whole chicken – 1, cut into serving pieces Basmati rice – 2 cups, washed and pre-soaked Onion – 1, peeled and chopped Carrot – 1, chopped Cover and reduce heat to medium and cook for 7-10 minutes. 15. 10. Recipes by Gulzar Hussain have some multi-ethnic touch that portrays different cultures. Add about 25ml of the reserved mutton water, then return the chops to the pan, Cover the pan and cook over a medium heat until the mixture begins to boil, lower the heat slightly and cook until the mixture becomes thick and dry, with the oil rising to the top, Serve hot with naan or rice, garnished with a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice, the chopped coriander and julienned ginger, and some finely chopped green chilli for extra heat, if liked, Step away from the tikka masala . 14. 12. Recipes by Gulzar Hussain range from rajma salad recipe to fried chicken recipes. Set aside for 30 min. Meanwhile, put rice in a sieve and wash it thoroughly under running cold tap until water runs clear. Our mouthwatering set of recipes for main courses, appetizers and dessert features the best of the Arab and worldwide cuisines. Serve with Raita. Your email address will not be published. Check out the Afghani Mutton Recipe in Urdu. Shireen Anwar recipes are not only followed in Pakistan but are proclaimed…, Rida aftab is the most iconic cooking expert presently known for the desi recipes like daal to Chinese cuisines. Afghani Mutton Biryani is easy to make and delicious in taste especially the uses of dry fruits makes its taste unique among other ordinary biryani. biryani using ‘dum’ approach has become the lengthiest standing recipe to-make list. Add cinnamon stick,cloves, green cardamoms, cumin, meat and 6 cups of stock, add water ifnecessary to make 6 cups. Generally, Hyderabadi dum biryani is cooked with mutton. 8. Saute the onions and carrot in cooking oil. Remove a little brown onion and keep aside. Rida entered the media industry with a lot of experience and love for cooking. The very lively chef Tahir Chaudhary has a lot to offer his audience by providing tasty and budget friendly recipes along with many other resourceful culinary solutions. . Zubaida Appa was born in Hyderabad Deccan in India and then shifted to Pakistan with her family after partition. Next, add cardamomom seeds, cloves, cinnamon stick, cumin seeds, salt and pepper powder. 17. These tasty dishes will add variety, color and nutrition to every food this month of Ramadan. Also Check Afghani Mutton Recipe , ingredients and complete Method. The special feature of afghani mutton biryani is that it is made with lamb meat. You may enjoy this easy homemad Read More, Afghani Mutton Biryani is easy to make and delicious in taste especially the uses of dry fruits makes its taste unique among other ordinary biryani. Method: In a pan put oil add garlic paste sauté add water in it , black pepper, salt, chicken powder, white pepper, oregano, roux for thickness, cream and cheddar cheese, now add boil potatoes in it mix well, Shallow fry mon salwa meat balls, In a baking pan add half mixture or potatoes in it, then add meat balls now add remaining mixture add mozzarella and cheddar cheese sprinkle oregano and bake for 5 to 6 min just for giving color when cheese melts. All his work depicts his passion and love purely for cooking. A Digital Marketer by profession and a foodie by passion, he has been involved in food ever since his school days. Afghani Mutton Biryani recipe only at kfoods. The meat is cooked finely with all the spices mentioned in the recipe. My best friend used to cook Afghani Mutton Biryani recipe very effectively and tastefully. 6. Tahir Chaudhary recipes are just remarkable and he is currently hosting a cooking program “Chaska Pakanay Ka” where he reveals his quick and easy recipes in less time that suits your budget. Hide. Method:1. Marinate chicken not less than 4-6 hrs. After her husband’s retirement, she was appointed in the office of the Dalda Advisory where she enthusiastically worked and served her best. 11.Bring to boil and add rice to it. Although it is believed that lamb meat is full of smell but this recipe will change your opinion. Chef Gulzar’s professional career starts from the time he shifted to Japan. The layer of pine nuts and carrots give this recipe a very nice aroma. Names of Indian Condiments and Spices in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English, Indian Vegetable Names in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Kannada, Indian Fruit Names in English, Hindi and Tamil. Cover with a tight fitting lid, reduce heat to very low and allow to cook for another 7 - 10 minutes until rice is tender. Be careful not to let it burn, if starting to catch, add a few splashes of the reserved mutton chop water, Add the tomatoes, red chilli flakes, 1 heaped tbsp of the ground spice mix, salt and stir through.