The no-nonsense guide to online headlines and subheads, 39 ways to write delicious headlines [case study], The Godiva guide to mouth-watering blog post titles [SlideShare], 7 scrumptious blog writing tips to delight your readers, Business blogging 101: How to create a must-read blog,, generated at least 1k social shares (most of them generated far more), belongs in the top 10 of popular posts of the blog it appeared on (most are in the top 3), was published in 2015, so you know these formulas aren’t overused and worn out, showcases how to use the formula for tutorial-style articles in any industry, Do You Really Need That Exclamation Point? community. An exciting post like this. So we’ve put together 24 Linkedin headline marketing examples to inspire you. Thanks for a great post! Full of great information! Yes! We’ll provide the rock – you provide the roll.”, Headline: “I don’t want to be labelled – I want to be heard.”, Headline: “We don’t cut corners – we dust them.”, Headline: “From smelly slob, to heart throb.”, Headline: “From head to toe, best in show.”, Headline: “From mangy mutt, to stylish cut.”, Headline: “Fashions that take you back in time, yet prove to be timeless.”, Headline: “If you’re looking for something fancy, try one of our mint flavored toothpicks.”, Headline: “For pets who don’t get treated like animals.”, Headline: “This year’s crop is ready to rock.”, Headline: “Life is a journey that starts and ends with family.”, Headline: “Feel good about yourself even after the endorphins wear off.”, Headline: “Shipment protection – even on items your wife wishes weren’t protected.”, Headline: “We recommend a tummy tuck – the old fashioned way.”, Headline: “We make yards happy, and their owners too.”, Headline: “Just because the stock market acts irrationally, doesn’t mean you have to.”, Headline: “Most cars have warranties that expire at 50,000 miles – then what?”, Headline: “Uniting talent with opportunity.”, Headline: “Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.”. Thank you for your kind words, Syed. I also pay close attention to the questions people ask me by email or in webinars and the comments here on my blog—these are good keyword research tools, too. Understand which issues keep them tossing and turning at night. Wow! Golf Course Advertisement. So many delicious choices Henneke. Check them out below. The Benefit Headline. Share your current job status “A post asking for reactions based on your job status during the COVID-19 pandemic has been sweeping LinkedIn,” … Now, repeat this several times. I’ve not included a lot of B2B titles in this post as B2B blogs tend to get fewer shares than B2C titles. Have a good one! In a reader survey, Moz found that nobody wanted to read another ultimate guide. This post is super awesome, i like it very much. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! Talk about it. Success! I’m always looking to improve my headlines and these ideas take the cake. Writer, and possibly your future colleague.’”, Why? I could munch on your blog all day long! Remember to add specific results for credibility and interest. What Should your LinkedIn headline Contain? Thank you for stopping by, Paul. That is why I’ve chosen this example in particular,” shares Martin Seeley from MattressNextDay. I use headline analyzer like EMV and coschedule’s which have been a great help. is the same: to entice the reader to engage with you. Focus on your readers first. “It works because is keyword optimized. Masooma Memon Help Scout also targets small companies with their helpdesk software. on November 19, 2020 (last modified on November 17, 2020) • 18 minute read. Thanks so much. Henneke, I only recently “discovered” your site. description, look at who posted it and pick out the words they’ve used in their Thank you for stopping by! But this formula shows this isn’t true. A superb article and definitely your most in-depth and most valuable post ever! LOGO INSPIRATION The power of a headline that hits the spot. Don’t try to solve all problems in one go; instead narrow down your topic as much as possible. Thanks ma for painstakingly putting this evergreen content together. FREE FONTS Often the best headline idea appears on the day after I start composing a headline for a post. keep it professional!”. But for me the best take away is “Composing irresistible headlines doesn’t start with applying a nifty formula. , I’m glad you enjoyed the templates, Jones . The fact that the stat that 8 out of 10 only read your headline is from the time of print advertising is completely new to me, somehow I hadn’t realized that. That really sums up getting attention via a headline, the formulas are great and will increase the impact, but an indepth knowlege of your audience will ensure you hit the nail on the head. I’ve found that the headlines of some of my most shared (guest) posts often score badly. How to Print an 11 x 17 Word Document on 8.5 x 11 Paper, StockLayouts Most Popular Template Downloads of 2018, StockLayouts Top 10 Brochure Designs of 2017, Direct Mail Postcards: 15 Creative Graphic Design Examples for Inspiration, Create Elementary School Newsletters & Flyers with Editable Templates. examples? Have fun! ? because I’m a big fan of humor. There’s been some research to suggest that odd numbers work better than even numbers ( Goldie Chan. So a headline focusing on that can work wonders in getting people to read your article. I like the ‘guidelines’ formula a lot. And instead of learning how to write ads, you’ll learn how to write the highest-performing AdWords ads, ever. Yes, I put myself under quite some pressure to walk the talk. Write down a few words that describe you. I love the way I always make typos on your site. I’m happy for two reasons: 1) he’s helping me such as ‘today,’ ‘right now,’ and get people to click immediately. (, Do You Truly Know How to Love Yourself? Of course, as readers, we hope to learn something from this case study. Remember to front-load the keyword(s) or keep them at the beginning of the headline so LinkedIn can pull out your content when searched for. Happy headline writing! She even used an emoji, which I thought One teaches how to retain clients and another gives SEO advice. He teaches that once a person DESIGN MEMES To acknowledge this famous quote by The Socrates of San Francisco, we’ve compiled a list of 100 exceptional ads that seek your interest with their witty headlines and copy. “This post on LinkedIn had three times as many impressions as one of ‘normal’ posts,” tells Fennemore’s Brian Catlett. The text title of this article says “47 Headline Examples…”, but the image title is “10 Steal-Worthy Headline Formulas…” Is there any research indicating that higher or lower numbers are more effective? a conversational starter. And if possible, optimize the headline for SEO. Awe-Inspiring Catchy Headlines. Thanks for this. Does writing headlines give you a headache? Which quick wins can solve your readers’ problems? Once we can figure out what keeps your audience awake at 3 a.m. we are on your way. For me, those would be a pizza-lover, an avid reader, a productivity enthusiast, and so on. Thanks for the article! This brings us to the end of our expert-sourced LinkedIn headline marketing examples. Thank you for stopping by, Mike. comments. Thanks you. Thank you, and a happy and healthy New Year to you. Hi Henneke, So, so funny. This will give you a sense of what gets Always be human-centric and focus on your readers. It can really help write them faster when you “steal” the formulas and apply them to your own topic. Despite (or perhaps because of?) Yep, question headlines are great and often underused . This was really interesting Henneke. It took a lot of time to research and then write this post. Finally, we’ve LinkedIn headline marketing examples related to posts on the network. It happened to me, too. . For today’s post, I used BuzzSumo to analyze the 10 most shared posts on popular blogs. Note how the headline examples are all ultra-specific. most people and to them it really looks like magic. . I regularly check my dead posts after that and try to make it more…. Thanks for this, Henneke, I keep popping back to this blog post for inspiration. In contrast, “The Compact Guide to Grammar for Busy People” was the most popular post on Boost Blog Traffic in 2015, generating 2.1k social shares. It seems to work because it’s one of my popular posts so far. We’ve done the legwork for you and created this post on LinkedIn headline examples that over 30 social media and marketing experts shared with us. This will give the reader the feeling of connectedness to the world’s great leader. Find out why they can’t make up their minds. That’s a great way to use the phrases your readers are using, too, and making sure your headlines connect with them!