Investing In Your Team with Kristen Hendricks

Marshall Jones

Kristen holds a counseling degree from SUNY Alfred and brings over a decade of experience in client relations to Marshall Jones, an accounting firm based in Atlanta. Her efforts in reimagining the business development of the firm resulted in her promotion to full partner status as of January 1, 2019. She combines her experience in health care and counseling with business acumen to build productive and happy teams.

In this episode of Websuasion Conversation, we discuss investing in staff, new, business development, quality referrals, and getting to the next level.


Kristen tells us about growing up in upstate New York.

A Transition to Human Services

Kristen tells us about studying nursing and then making a change to counseling.

An Aptitude for Business

Kristen talks to us about combining her background in health and human services with her aptitude for business.

CDS Monarch

Kristen talks about her work with CDS Monarch, a non-profit organization in upstate New York providing opportunities for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Client Services Agent

Kristen tells us about the events that led to her helping build a financial services business from the ground up.

A Catalyst to Grow

Kristen talks about making changes to grow a company and investing in your team.

Effects of Success

Kristen talks about an early understanding of business success and how actions affect other people.

Profitability and Service Lines

Kristen talks about some of the steps they are taking to improve profitability and focus on offered services.

Continuing Education

Kristen discusses the process of staying current with training and continuing education.

A Diverse Clientele

Kristen talks about attracting a younger clientele that might be using an automated tax service.

Advantages of Using A CPA Firm

Kristen talks about the benefits of using a CPA firm.

Keeping Current on Policies and Laws

Kristen talks about some common misconceptions while filing taxes.

Quality Referrals

Kristen discusses how individuals have different comfort zones and the importance of making a quality referral.

Getting to the Next Level

Kristen tells us about the importance of making the most of your present situation and forming quality relationships to help you get to the next level.

App Developer Checklist

You've been busy building your business, not learning all the ins and outs of application development. There's no reason you should know what it takes to develop a quality, maintainable application and bring it to market. But, before you contract with any firm (including ours), you should understand what is considered the standard. So, we've developed a handy two-page checklist. It will arm you the questions you need to ask before you move forward.

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