Improving Cash Flow with David Wiener

Mr. Cash Flow

David Wiener has earned the nickname “Mr. Cashflow.”  He finds ways to increase his clients’ revenue, lower taxes, and cut expenses through cost segregation studies, profit recovery, and cost reduction.

In this episode of Websuasion Conversation, we discuss cost segregation, partnership relationships, and improving cash flow.


David tells us about graduating from the University of Akron with a degree in Personnel Management and becoming a consultant.

Improving Cash Flow

David tells us about finding a niche helping medical professionals improve their cash flow.

Using a Collection Agency

David talks to us about the collections industry and the concept of fixed fee collections.

Cost Segregation

David Wiener of Cash Flow Strategies talks about cost segregation and how it can provide tax deductions and improve cash flow.

Personal Injury Cases for Medical Providers

David discusses how medical providers can improve their cash flow by allowing medical liens to be purchased quarterly.

Real Estate Professional Designation

David explains a new real estate qualification and how it can benefit those who qualify.

History of Cost Segregation

David Wiener tells us how cost segregation became popular after a court case in 1997.

Partnership Relationships

David discusses the importance of partnerships and how he has benefited from those relationships.

Patient Receivables

David tells us why it is more difficult than ever for medical providers to collect from patients.

Mr. Cash Flow

David explains how he got the nickname Mr. Cash Flow.

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