Commercial Lending with Srdjan Gavrilovic

Commercial Lending with Srdjan Gavrilovic

First Citizens Bank

Srdjan Gavrilovic is a Senior Business Banker at First Citizens Bank in Atlanta. He finds creative ways to provide his clients more capital, better structured capital, and improve working capital management. He focuses on Healthcare, Real Estate and Equipment financing, Business Acquisition and partner buy-outs.

In this episode of Websuasion Conversation, we discuss creating client relationships, building wealth, and the advantage of owning a business space.


Srdjan tells us about growing up in Belgrade Serbia before he moved to Atlanta in 1992

The Credit Path

Srdjan tells us about starting the management training program at Norwest Financial after he graduated with a degree in finance from Kennesaw State University.

An Early Interest in Finance

Srdjan talks to us about choosing his career path at an early age and the opportunity to study economics and business in high school.

Commercial Lending

Srdjan talks about making his first commercial mortgage in 2003 before making a move to focus on commercial lending in 2006.

A Family Controlled Bank

Srdjan tells us what it means to be a family controlled bank.

Professional Service Providers

Srdjan talks about expanding from lending to health care professionals to including other professional service providers.

Being Driven by the Vision

Srdjan talks about understanding his client's goals and vision for their business in order to structure their credit facilities properly.

Creating Client Relationships

Srdjan talks about building long term relationships with his client by giving honest answers.

Advantages of Owning a Business Space

Srdjan discusses helping his clients build wealth by investing in a building rather than leasing.

A Great Wealth Builder

Srdjan talks about the importance of planning and budgeting to account for maintenance and upkeep in a business space.

Financial Flexibility

Srdjan talks about financial flexibility being the key to managing your company's finances.

Adding Value

Srdjan talks about working with his clients to add value and establish relationships.

Building a Management Team

Srdjan discusses the importance of building a management team and structuring capital in order to meet business goals.

Working On the Business

Srdjan talks about ways to work on the business and the benefits of having strong financial statements.

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