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Zielmanski Law Case Study

Kristin Zielmanski has more than eight years of experience helping companies, whether based in Georgia or in other parts of the country, in resolving complicated legal disputes. Kristin has worked with small business owners as well as larger organizations in a broad range of matters, including commercial collections, judgment enforcement, real estate litigation, contract review, and employment disputes

When I first meet a new client or other professional, I am often complimented on my website. Websuasion did a really great job. They listened to my preferences and designed a logo and website that captured what I envisioned. And Websuasion's prices are extremely reasonable. - Kristin N. Zielmanski, President

Client Needs

  • Website
  • Photography
  • Business cards
  • Company logo

Websuasion Solutions

  • Desktop, mobile, and tablet responsive website with payment portal
  • Photography
  • Custom business cards
  • Clean, simple logo

Marketing Website

In 2015, Kristin Zielmanski approached us to design and develop a marketing package for her new law practice. We developed a responsive web design for desktop, tablet, and mobile. A payment portal was included to make it easier for clients to pay for legal services at their convenience. Additionally, a blog was added to the site enabling Kristin to cover trends and best practices for her clients.

Branding, Logo Design & Business Cards

We provided branding services for Kristin as she was starting her new firm. As part of the branding focus, we recommended that she capitalize on the uniqueness of her name, resulting in "Zielmanski Law". We then designed a logo which suited her corporate law focus, designed her business cards and utilized the typography, logo, and color scheme in her website for brand consistency.


For the website, we wanted to heavily feature Kristin as the face of the firm -- establishing familiarity with her for potential clients. We also wanted control over framing and narrow depth of field so that the images worked well in the website with overlaid text.

Ongoing Support

On a continual basis, we provide content maintenance and hosting of the existing site.

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