Web Design Trilith Atlanta Studios

A Case Study of Hanna Brothers

websuasion enabled Hanna Brothers to achieve their web development and web presence goals by providing website design, photography, and ongoing support.

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Web Design Pinewood Trilith Atlanta Studios - Websuasion

Web Design Pinewood Trilith Atlanta Studios - Websuasion

Hanna Brothers has been providing "on-location" catering services to the film & television industry for over 15 years. From the major studios to the independent features we have worked in extreme conditions, pleasing palettes all over the world.

Client Testimonial

Having just completed a collaborative redesign of our company website, I wanted to give a big shout out to J. Ryan and his team at websuasion. They were very helpful from start to finish, adding insight and suggestions along the way. We are very happy with our finished project and look forward to future endeavors with the Websuasion team.

- Jim Hanna, Co-Founder & Owner

Web Design Pinewood Trilith Atlanta Studios - Websuasion

Client Needs

  • Website redesign
  • Updated content
  • Photographs for advertising

websuasion Solutions

  • Desktop, mobile, and tablet responsive website
  • Content organization and editing
  • Event photography

Marketing Website Design

In 2016, we were contracted to redesign the Hanna Brothers website to best showcase their current services and product offerings. The staff provided extensive content and an archive of photos from catering jobs for various film shoots, weddings, and corporate events. We provided content architecture and guidance on culling down the current content to more digestable marketing messages targeted to their client base. We created a custom responsive website layout designed to showcase their film catering, event catering, disaster relief services, and new Hanna Brothers To Go service for large businesses. The site incorporates interactive menus, yearly film credits with rotating carousels of film posters, embedded video, and parallax imagery throughout the site.

We later were tasked with providing the same design solution for the new HB Studio Cafe website.

Web Design Pinewood Trilith Atlanta Studios - Websuasion


We were asked to take photographs at the 2016 Fayette Gala event hosted at Pinewood Atlanta. Hanna Brothers provided catering for the event and wanted photos that could be used for advertising, posters, and flyers showcasing their new Pinewood Cafe, and social media campaigns promoting their event catering services.

Ongoing Support

On a continual basis, we provide content maintenance and hosting of the existing site.

Let's Talk!

"Data. Tech. Team." Those are the words we live by at websuasion. Our services foster growth and scalability for your business - all while maintaining your brand. We are an indispensable ally for you as you navigate online marketing. Let's talk. We'd love to know more about what you do and how we can solve your pain points.

Robert Burroughs of Sionic

They Stood Out Because Of Their Expertise And Understanding Of Our Needs

Their efforts improved the flexibility and efficiency of the portal project by removing thousands of lines of code, and their web development has bolstered the company’s public image. They stood out because of their expertise and understanding of our needs and really seemed like a good fit. After they had been doing website design for a year or two, we tapped their resources for the development of the merchant portal, because it was easier than introducing a whole new partner to our business model. From a marketing standpoint, their work has been hugely beneficial to our public image and has expanded our reach for potential partnerships and future business. On the development of the merchant portal, their work this year eliminated several thousand lines of code, which will enable new features and functionality to be added much more efficiently. Websuasion is very responsive, easy to work with, and is typically on top of any tasks we need within the timelines we provide. We see Websuasion more as a partner than a vendor because they consistently provide ideas and suggestions to improve our processes and products, rather than simply taking our specifications verbatim and churning out code.

Robert Burroughs of Sionic