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Shatone Case Study

Shatone is an experienced shop supplying fabrication and machining of equipment, components, and structures for a broad base of customers. At Shatone, we strive every day to provide the highest level of customer service and quality products possible. Every project is important, no matter how big or small. We take pride in every job and are committed to meeting the customer’s expectations.

We found just want we wanted in Websuasion and Ryan Williams. Excellent questions coupled with patient listening helped us design our website precisely for its intended use. - David F. Griffith, Shatone

Client Needs

  • Website design
  • Marketing content
  • Photography
  • Facility management software

Websuasion Solutions

  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile responsive layout
  • Marketing copy highlighting unique abilities
  • Photo session highlighting facilities and staff
  • Application architecture for management of purchase orders, facility scheduling, job quoting, and staff timesheets

Marketing Website

Shatone has the ability to fabricate almost anything, but they were struggling to explain their full capabilities to potential customers. To address this, we focused on outlining their process of engineering, manufacturing, and assembling items while highlighting the unique fabricating capabilities of the facilities and staff. We incorporated photos and videos of finished and in-process jobs to give customers a sense of the scale and precision of Shatone's work.

Photo & Video Shoot

It was important that quality photos of the facilities and staff be used throughout the website to best present the unique capabilities of Shatone. Websuasion spent a half-day photographically documenting the machinery, the staff at work, and the scale of the jobs in process. Additionally, we shot short segments of video footage of welding and machining that could be used as parallax panels throughout the site to add motion and further establish the job scale and process.

Application Architecture

In 2017, Shatone approached us to design a custom web portal which would handle management of purchase orders, facility scheduling, job quoting, and staff timesheets. The system we designed will provide them with the flexibility to easily customize functionality and reporting as they grow while seamlessly integrating with their existing workflow.

Ongoing Support

On a continual basis, we provide ongoing content updates, support, and server management.

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