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Sand Story Case Study

Joe Castillo is an artist, speaker, and storyteller with a passion for promoting the visual arts as a way of touching the heart. His artwork continues to sell worldwide. He is the author of three books and countless articles, has performed in 45 states and 26 countries, and continues to write, innovate, and inspire wherever he goes.

Handing out business cards and advertising giveaways is always a blind leap in the dark. The return is hard to measure and almost statistically insignificant. Handing out a business card thumb drive with all the video, audio, and visual information my potential customers need, increases the chance for a return significantly. Thanks to the Websuasion Team for helping me do that. - Joe Castillo, SandStory Author, Artist & Storyteller

Client Needs

  • Professional video production
  • Physical distribution of video reel
  • Business cards

Websuasion Solutions

  • Professionally edited and produced videos
  • Self-contained presentational website featuring videos
  • Interactive USB business cards with video reel

Video Production

Sand Story is the marriage of a unique live visual art technique and storytelling performance. The challenge was to communicate clearly to event organizers in under 1 minute that Sand Story brought inspirational and engaging personal stories with awe-inspiring art created with sand and light. We shot footage of Joe speaking to the camera about his story-oriented approach, as well as, footage of the sand art itself. We provided story-boarding, scripting, filming, lighting, audio recording, editing, music selection, color correction, and output. The sessions resulted in 3 one-minute spots highlighting his event services targeted for different event types. Additionally, we produced long-format edits of complete stories, included on his video reel, to be distributed to event organizers.

Motivational Speaking

One focus of Sand Story is to provide motivational messages to large groups. We needed to highlight how an engaging message incorporating visual art, music, and light could captivate the minds and attention of an audience. We needed to demonstrate how the story could be catered to the theme of the event to get the organizer's message across. And finally, we needed to show how audiences respond to Sand Story. Using the footage we shot mixed with previously filmed live footage we were able to make the statement Joe desired in a one-minute spot.

Fundraising Events

A specialty of Joe's is directing his performance toward fundraising efforts. We needed to again show how the Sand Story message could be catered to the organization's needs to encourage event participants to give to their cause.

Sand Story Selfies

Joe also provides an intimate and interactive service called Sand Story Selfies, which allows event participants to witness their own sand art portraits being created right before their eyes. We needed to highlight the fun, up-close nature of this performance in contrast to the bigger stage events as a great choice for corporate parties.

Marketing Materials

USB Business Cards

Joe needed a way to physically distribute his video reel to event organizers, so we recommended custom-branded USB business cards capable of holding several gigs of video. We designed a self-contained presentational webpage that would allow organizers to easily browse the video selections by category.


We provided event photography for the 2016 Pinewood Gala at which Joe was preforming for charity. We filmed video and shot stills as he created "Sand Story Selfies" for the crowd.

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