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Healthcare Websites Made Easy

Websuasion has recently launched the Healthcare Websites Made Easy platform. Over the years we've noticed a significant need in the healthcare industry for quality, responsive websites containing patient targeted marketing information in a clear and concise manner. We now offer website solutions and content for many healthcare specialties. Thanks to our parters at Intrix Technology, we are also able to integrate their new patient payment portal and offer highly competitive rates on credit card processing and insurance eligibility checks. Learn more at Healthcare Websites Made Easy.

Industry Needs

  • Device-responsive website templates
  • Marketing content for each medical specialty
  • HIPAA-compliant patient payment portal
  • Merchant accounts

Websuasion Solutions

  • Desktop, mobile, and tablet responsive websites with content and styling to fit the audience
  • Content for each medical specialty aimed at patient needs
  • Patient payment options and procedure cost estimation to reduce collection
  • Competitive rates on merchant services

Healthcare Website Templates and Specialties

For the marketing website, visitors are presented with healthcare specialties. Once selected, each specialty presents multiple templates from which to choose. These examples demonstrate how the site content is utilized differently for each template and is used as a sales tool to gauge the aesthetic preferences of each client. Once selection is made, we get to work customizing the design to work with that practice's existing branding.

Patient Payment Portal

Through our partnerships, we are able to provide a secure, HIPAA compliant patient payment portal on any of our healthcare websites. This portal enables doctor's offices to upload and manage patient invoices, saving time and the expense of mailing paper bills. Patients have the ability to view invoices and the option to pay on a one-time basis or set up recurring payments at their convenience.

Merchant Accounts

Collaborating with our partners, we are also able to offer highly competitive rates on merchant services for medical practices. Our merchant services team work closely with all major credit card companies to ensure we acquire the most competitive rate available for each client. In addition, we work closely with equipment vendors to provide seamless integration.

Ongoing Support

On a continual basis, we provide hosting, content maintenance and security updates of medical websites for practices.

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