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1 Step Technologies Case Study

1 Step Technologies provides PCI compliant payment solutions that are easy to use, highly secure, and fully compatible with the latest technology.

The Websuasion team takes the time to understand one’s business. When they provide recommendations, it comes with original ideas and fresh perspectives. They stay engaged, deliver in a timely manner and the product quality is one with which your company will be pleased. - Joe Radest, President

Client Needs

  • Website redesign
  • Marketing content
  • Marketing flyers
  • Logo redesign

Websuasion Solutions

  • Desktop, mobile, and tablet responsive website
  • Marketing copy crafted to highlight payment solutions
  • Flyers with an aesthetically pleasing look and a succinct marketing message
  • Bold, modern logo

Marketing Website

1 Step Technologies desired a new look for their company, which included a redesigned website with refined marketing content, a new logo, and new marketing flyers.

As 1 Step Technologies' payment solutions can be integrated across numerous industries, they desired a website that would highlight the solutions they can provide across multiple business lines. We created a site that showcases solutions for various industries using an aesthetically pleasing layout with carefully crafted marketing content to convey messaging in a concise way.

Business Flyers

1 Step Technologies focuses on several different verticals and software partnerships. They needed separate flyers addressing the unique needs of each target customer to be handed out at various conferences throughout the year. We wrote the content for the flyers, created the layouts, and created bold graphics to highlight the benefits and payment types accepted. The series of flyers coordinated with the typography and color scheme of the new website and logo design to establish brand consistency.

Logo Design

For the logo redesign, we referenced typography used on United States currency and on credit cards. These styles were subtly blended together using a crisp white and green against brown color scheme suitable for use with print and the web.

Ongoing Support

On a continual basis, we provide content maintenance, server management, and hosting of the existing site.

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