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Jeff has more than 30 years of experience working for Fortune 500 company Steelcase. He worked as a Director of Coaching and  Development, conducting more than 400 individual one-one-one coaching sessions. In his own consulting practice he's guided more than 1,000 clients through strategy, sales, leadership, branding, and communication.

Jeff has serves on the board of J. Whitney Bunting School of Business at Georgia College and as Chair of the Marketing Advisory Board.

In this second episode of Websuasion Conversation, we discuss taking risks, self-doubt, teaching, making connections, communication, accountability, and exit strategies.

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Jeff Bartholomew tells us about his 30-year global sales background at Steelcase, product launching with Williams Sonoma, and his decision to start business coaching.

Taking Risks in Business

Jeff discusses the tendency for new business owners to be tepid in their choices.

Self Doubt in Business

Jeff talks about overcoming self-doubt in your business and how "we paint our own picture".

J. Whitney Bunting School

Jeff talks about his involvement with teaching and mentoring at the J. Whitney Bunting School of Business at Georgia College.

Experience and Connections

Jeff tells us how his experience and connections allow him to make critical connections for his clients.

Teaching Makes You Better

Jeff discusses how teaching gives him a greater level of understanding of selling methodology.

Eat That Frog

Jeff tells us about the “Eat That Frog” business concept based on a Mark Twain quote.

Ambivert Communication

In episode two of the Websuasion Conversation podcast, Jeff Bartholomew talks about how he teaches business owners to become ambiverts for better communication.


Jeff shares how he holds his clients accountable for their progress using KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and KRI (Key Result Indicators).

Business Valuation

Jeff talks about having an exit strategy and how he improves valuation when selling a business.

Entrepreneurial Growth Program

Jeff explains how his eight-week Entrepreneurial Growth program guides business owners though 3-year strategic planning, sales, marketing, branding, and operations.

Your Prospect-Building Efforts

This week's homework is for you to decide on the social media platforms your target audience uses. Ask yourself, are you publishing frequent content to those platforms? When you do, are you providing guidance and encouraging interaction. If not, make a list of marketing assets you can create that will entice prospects to connect with you.

Leave a public comment below, or if you're shy, send us a chat message. We'd love your input and feedback. We may even share it on an upcoming episode.

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