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Bob led Bellsouth Mobility (now AT&T) in the launch of several consumer products including voice connect and one-number service. He headed product planning and marketing for IntelliOne and launched the company’s ioVector application for iPhone and Blackberry – a traffic navigation and trip planning app marketed through Rogers Communications throughout Canada. He has been head of EVP Products for Sionic Mobile since 2010.

In this episode of Websuasion Conversation, we discuss mobile payments, universal linking, and connected commerce.


Bob tells us about attending Auburn University and choosing marketing as his major.

Technical Marketing

Bob tells us about moving to Atlanta and transitioning to a product focus on marketing.

A Move to Consulting

Bob talks to us about taking early retirement from AT&T and moving into a consulting role with West Management.

Product Innovation

Bob talks about his first experience with a small entrepreneurial business, working on an early version of traffic prediction.

Sionic Mobile Marketing and Payments

Bob tells us about the early idea of Sionic Mobile as being a pioneer in mobile payments.

Sonic Mobile and the Payment Industry

Bob talks about the challenges of a being a smaller company trying to get into the payment space.

Creating A Loyalty Currency

Bob talks about starting out offering product rewards and moving towards a more versatile loyalty currency.

Sionic Mobile and Connected Commerce

Bob talks about working with General Motors to bring commerce into vehicles that was minimally distractive but still offered value and how that concept evolved into Sionic ULink.

Sionic Mobile ULink

Bob discusses the challenges that Sionic ULink helps overcome and the connectivity that it provides.

Sionic Mobile ULink Integrations

Bob talks about the importance of partnerships and why Sionic Mobile is focused on keeping the partners as the consumer facing business.

Sionic Mobile Looking Forward

Bob talks about the future of universal linking.

Keeping Current on Technology

Bob talks about the importance of staying on top of technology and learning about what is coming.

The Internet of Things

Bob discusses "the internet of things" and the natural expansion of IoT device connectivity into commerce.

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