Property Management with Venis Sims

Property Management with Venis Sims

Edgewood Realty Group

Venis came from the mortgage industry before becoming a real estate broker with a focus on property management. She focuses on finding and managing investment properties handling the day to day frustrations of maintenance and tenant interaction for her clients.

In this episode of Websuasion Conversation, we discuss working with investors, navigating the pitfalls of property management, and short term rentals.


Venis tells us about growing up in Missouri and moving to Atlanta after high school.

Student Experience

Venis tells us about her experience at Georgia State University as a student and an employee.

A Natural Talent for Sales

Venis talks to us about her experience and success with direct sales.

Making Relationships with Investors

Venis talks about getting her real estate license and starting her career during a difficult time in the market.

Becoming a Broker

Venis tells us about getting her broker license and starting her own company before bringing on other agents.

Working with Investors

Venis talks about the first steps when working with a new investor and her favorite types of clients.

Paying Cash for Properties

Venis talks about her investor clients paying cash for properties.

Full Service Property Management

Venis talks about the process of taking a investor from purchase to sale and handling everything along the way.

The Current Rental Market

Venis discusses the rental market and the conversations she has with her clients to ensure they are a good fit.

Navigating the Pitfalls

Venis talks about the benefits of having a professional manage your property.

Need for Legislation

Venis discusses pending legislation to enforce regulation of emotional support animals and the reasons the legislation is so important.

Working with Realtors

Venis talks about working with realtors and a referral program she has started that is beneficial for everyone.

Short Term Rentals

Venis discusses the niche of short term rentals.

Changes in Investment Real Estate

Venis talks about educating her clients about the changes in investment real estate.

App Developer Checklist

You've been busy building your business, not learning all the ins and outs of application development. There's no reason you should know what it takes to develop a quality, maintainable application and bring it to market. But, before you contract with any firm (including ours), you should understand what is considered the standard. So, we've developed a handy two-page checklist. It will arm you the questions you need to ask before you move forward.

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