Property and Casualty Insurance with Christina Rudes

The Fitzpatrick Agency

Christina is a licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Agent running The Fitzpatrick Agency with her husband Gary. She is involved in the local community serving on the Marietta Police Athletic League Shamrock Shuffle, where she is Committee Chair.

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In this episode of Websuasion Conversation, we discuss making an impact, building relationships, and giving back to the community.

Property and Casualty Insurance with Christina Rudes

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Christina tells us about her education and working at a hospital.

Making an Impact

Christina tells us about looking at opportunities to maximize her impact.

Building Relationships and a Business

Christina talks to us about moving to Georgia and expanding her network.

Working Your Network

Christina talks about some of the lessons she has learned to improve her networking skills and build quality relationships.

Using Past Experience

Christina discusses how her experience in the healthcare field helps her as an insurance agent.

Educate and Advocate

Christina explains how she makes her clients more informed consumers.

Who Makes the Best Clients

Christina tells us who makes the best clients and how she makes sure they understand their options.

Smaller Part of a Bigger Community

Christina discusses what she likes about being a property and casualty agent and working with real estate transactions.

Brightway Franchise

Christina tells us about the benefits of being a Brightway franchise.

Marietta Police Athletic League

Christina explains her involvement with the community program PAL.

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