UPDATE: The most amazing customer service I have ever gotten! , I’ve only been using this for a day and I love it! Stay hydrated & happy! They even remembered to personally email me back and update me on the suggestion. Rating: 4.5. It’s really good without premium too! I am one of those people who, despite my best efforts, can NEVER get enough water throughout the day. And we raise this cup of water for you Cheers! We'll most likely end up putting your review on our board to inspire us going forward, build more features for WaterLama and create other amazing products Thank you for sharing the app with those closest to you, and for choosing to support our small team month-to-month. I’ve tried to change it but I must be doing something wrong. Join healthy challenges like Weight Loss Sloth which will motivate you to drink water only, help with intermittent fasting as your water fasting app.Don't worry about being too busy, use drink water reminder free & don't just hydrate when you feel thirsty. Perhaps one of the best-known water drinking apps out there, Plant Nanny lives up to its reputation. Beware going into this one that not meeting your daily water quota has real consequences for your little plants, which can and will die, so if that's too much pressure, maybe take a pass. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Like with any other type of app, there's the good and the bad, but thankfully, the good are many. And by other reviews I know that they take suggestions! Drink water to exercise more effectively. Helps you stay hydrated. ***Update: I was making things more difficult for myself, there is a way to customize the quantity of fluid other than the ones the pre set ones. Wonderful app run by wonderful people. Plus you'll be able to access even more Beverages, Companions, Challenges & features in future monthly updates.WaterLama premium features are available as a $3.99 monthly subscription or as a $6.99 one-time purchase. I am so impressed by this app. Water tracker can even help you boost productivity & reduce stress when used the right way. This app works by allowing you to calculate your body weight so that you can get the right daily water in take amount. Tell it what time you wake up, what time you go to bed, and how often you want to drink water (from every 10 minutes to every three hours), and you'll get customized reminders. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Proper hydration keeps your skin healthy and helps you lose weight. You can see all of your water log in the WaterLama water intake calendar.WaterLama free water drinking app features: track water intake, smart reminders, water reminder apple watch app, streaks, water intake goal calculator, custom daily water goal, llama companion, water intake calendar, lock screen widget, water cup size, Oz/Ml units, Apple Health sync.WaterLama drink water app premium paid features: drinking water reminder tracker with 9 companions, 3 challenges, 30 beverages drink tracker, custom drinks, personalized drinks panel, edit water intake history, drinks glass/cup size. WaterLama drink water app premium paid features: drinking water reminder tracker with 9 companions, 3 challenges, 30 beverages drink tracker, custom drinks, personalized drinks panel, edit water intake history, drinks glass/cup size. Once you've added a drink, My Water Balance will let you know what percentage of your daily intake you have to go. Drink More Water: 30-Day Challenge App. I feel so much more energized and happy. I am so glad I found this app! UPDATE:Oh wow! They really took my suggestion to add caffeine customization seriously and implemented it into the app. Your iTunes account will be charged at confirmation of purchase. Complications are also available. 30 Day Water Detox Challenge App. It's like a game where the prize is being hydrated! Reviews: “I’ve been … But, once you're at that stage, you can rinse out your reusable water bottle and start on your extremely well-hydrated journey. Start drinking enough water right now!• Smart drink water reminders during your day• Track water in any drink: water, tea, matcha, coffee, juice, smoothie, soup, soda, beer, wine, cider, vermouth, liquor, etc• Fun Challenges: Sober Bear, Weight Loss Sloth, No Cheat Cheetah• Widget• Streaks habit tracker free• Fill up cute characters• Celebrate your day with a shareable recap illustration• Calculate daily water intake goal based on your weight, activity & weather• Set Custom drinking water goal• Custom drinks - set a name, icon, cup size, hydration ratio & caffeine• Water intake calendar• Apple Health sync• Oz/Ml units• Water tracker Apple Watch appBenefits of drinking water+ Weight loss & healthy skin+ Improves productivity & mood+ Relieves fatigue & boosts energy+ Healthier heart, immune system & brain+ Regulates blood pressure & body temperatureWaterLama water tracker free app is simple & fun. Like Aloe Bud, Plant Nanny features adorable art, and it also gives you interactable plants that depend on you to help them out when they're thirsty. Drink Water Reminder's primary purpose is to nudge you at a set interval so you're drinking water throughout the day. 2. To help employees remember those stats, print them on a promotional water bottle . An ID10T error on my part. /We’re so happy to hear that WaterLama helps you be motivated to drink enough water a day Thank you for your review!Stay hydrated & happy! Simply log the water from your wrist directly via the notifications! Featured by Google Play! You can go to your iTunes Account Settings to manage your subscription & turn off auto-renew. My Water Balance will calculate how much water you should drink each day based on your personal details, but also lets you change that amount to suit your individual needs.