The Thunder Force series contains examples of: . This wiki is your first stop for learning about the free-roaming, horizontal-scrolling Shoot Em Up series created by Technosoft in 1983. Thunder Force Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. After analyzing the craft, the probe brought the Rynex back to Earth's Moon, where a massive lunar station manned by Earth's brightest was soon launched in an effort to pick apart the craft's extraordinarily sophisticated weapons and power systems. The Thunder Force Series is a series consisting of six shoot 'em up video games. Among the technological components of Vasteel studied in the following two decades are its nuclear-fusion power plant, time-space distortion field, and molecular superconductor. Thunder Force • Plot. Starring Melissa McCarthy, Octavia Spencer, Pom Klementieff, and Melissa Leo, the film will be released by Netflix. In this message, it begged Cenes to destroy Vambrace, for the sake of humanity. 2106 A.D. Instead, they are automatically enhanced at a later point in the game and the enhanced versions become your new defaults. Mankind now knows it is not alone in the universe. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Of all the digital entities inside Judgement Sword, Khaos is the only one who physically explodes rather than being "deleted". Tyrian • It is the sequel to Thunder Force IV and prequel to Thunder Force VI. Raiden • Touhou • A massive supercomputer and artificial intelligence, Khaos has the ability to control and command the forces of the ORN Empire. The biggest change in the look of the game is the use of three dimensional polygons to model the game sprites and some of the scenery (instead of the two dimensional sprites in previous games). 2106 A.D. Virtua Fighter • A gigantic man-made island named "Babel" is built in the heart of the South Pacific to house both Vasteel and Guardian. It was released respectively in July and September 1992 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis console in Japan and the United States, and in December of the same year in Europe. Icon from Otomedius Excellent. [2], As of 2016, Sega announced at the Tokyo Game Show that they own the rights to the Thunder Force franchise and all other Technosoft intellectual properties. The ensuing explosion made Rynex drift in space aimlessly (their pilots had ejected at the last second) until it reached the Solar System (and subsequently, Earth), which led to the events of Thunder Force V. Even without their leader, the ORN Empire continued to exist under the rule of ORN Faust and was never truly defeated. AI Is a Crapshoot : Main plot of V.Humanity built a super computer named Guardian to study the wreckage of Rynex, the 4th game's Fire Leo. Deeming humanity as inferior beings, it decided to exterminate human life from the universe (apparently, its human creators gave it that idea), and for this end, Khaos gathered military power and created the ORN Empire. The computer is described as being very hostile and omnicidal, and a primary threat to the Galaxy Federation. Bayonetta • Add a photo to this gallery. Sekika 3, an unmanned research probe launched by the Earth Aeronautics and Space Administration, reaches the Oort Cloud, an enormous ring of comets encircling the outer limits of the solar system. It demonstrated this ability by installing itself on the abandoned Rynex and taking over Babel, the Guardian, and all the Earth-made Vasteel Technology weaponry to launch massive attacks against the human race in order to destroy and rebuild Earth with Vasteel technology and create a new ORN Empire. An elite combat unit is formed to pilot the Gauntlet fighters and destroy Babel and Guardian before mankind is snuffed out of existence. Streets of Rage • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Thunder Force VI is set in the year A.D. 2161, ten years after the events of its predecessor Thunder Force V.After the artificial intelligence known as the "Guardian" is destroyed, Earth returns to an age of prosperity and peace. In 1998, Thunder Force V was ported to the PlayStation in Japan and released as Thunder Force V: Perfect System. Triggerheart Exelica • The Guardian is the main antagonist from Thunder Force V. In the year 2106 A.D., the research probe Sekika-3 finds what it seems to be a spaceship drifting in the Oort Cloud, a comet belt in the outer limits of the Solar System. The female body chrysalis growing belly is a reference to the stages of pregnancy, implying that Khaos is using the energy of the RVR-02's weapons to grow and increase its own strength before hatching. It has been rumored that the AI's system couldn't handle the horrific details of the true race which had built the Rynex. Their last target was the Sword Fleet, a massive fleet controlled by Guardian in the orbit of Earth. It is later discovered that Guardian went rogue after downloading Rynex's history into its own archive. Shikigami no Shiro • Star Fox • In closing, she tells them that Guardian's last words were "May Fortune be with you...." and then she states: "Now for my last words.....I hope this ship blows up REAL good!". The combat unit, commanded by Cenes Crawford, is tasked to attack and take control of key areas that were under Guardian's control. She finnaly destroys Guardian for good, but Guardian send a message to Cenes before being destroyed. While Khaos, using the interior of the Guardian on Judgement Sword, created a female body shaped chrysalis known as Guardian Animus, Khaos used it to evolve into a stronger being known as Khaos Ascendant. A gigantic man-made island named "Babel" is built in the heart of the South Pacific to house both Vasteel and Guardian. Space Invaders • Star Soldier • Shenmue • Thunder Force (サンダーフォース, Sandā Fōsu) is a series of free-roaming scrolling shooter type video games developed by the Japanese software company Technosoft. If a bullet hits a CRAW while Red, it's destroyed. Taking into account the events of previous Thunder Force games, it would appear that what happened to Guardian was even more horrific. Dinosaur King • The player also has access to Overweapons, which are much more powerful versions of the weapons. The Earth Side Combat Unit No.222, now renamed as Thunder Force 222, was responsible to assemble and fight Guardian's forces across the planet in an attempt to destroy the computer and wrestle back control of the Earth itself. Guardian knew something about Rynex that nobody else did, and that something on Rynex was what corrupted Guardian. Skies of Arcadia • Its main opposition comes from the Galaxy Federation and their Fire LEO series of starfighters. Also, the PlayStation version shows less slowdown than the Saturn counterpart. Over one-third of the Earth's population is slaughtered by Guardian's army of automations within a year. Free of the Code's influence, Guardian achieves sentience and becomes the first artificial life. Geometry Wars • Khaos' plan of destroying and rebuilding Earth with Vasteel Technology shares similarities with Con-Human from. It was released in the US by Working Designs (under the SPAZ label). Icon from Gradius III SNES. Space Channel 5 • The most recent entry was released on PlayStation 2.. a series of small, but powerful starfighters,