Make Better Recordings with the ShurePlus™ MOTIV™ Mobile Recording App, NOTE FOR MV88+ USERS: Learn about compatibility with your Android device at. The target range for peak levels on a typical meter is between -12 and -6 dB. The MV5 also includes an integrated headphone output for real-time monitoring. More(Read full review). Choose no compression, or select light or heavy compression to control volume when your sound source is dynamic. If this occurs, we recommend changing the sample rate of your recordings. Use the ShurePlus™ MOTIV app for high-quality digital recording and editing with MOTIV microphones or as a standalone tool.Features:• Record high-quality uncompressed WAV audio using built-in mic• Edit recordings using trim or split options that include adjustable fade curves and markers• High-resolution metering • Save to compressed formats (ALAC, AAC 96, 128, 2 Do not change microphone gain to adjust the headphone volume. Mac and Lightning are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Use for speech or vocals in podcasting or musical applications. Swipe through the list to see the available devices. Plug-and-play is only part of the story. Cartridge Selection (Stereo and Mono Settings), Stereo, Mono Cardioid, Mono Bi-Directional, Raw Mid-Side Output, Manual Decoding and Stereo Width Adjustment. Include metering, equalization, and compression, wind noise reduction, improved UI, and a new editor. The Shure MOTIV MV5 Digital condenser microphone delivers easy, high-quality audio capture for Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPad. But we do have similar products to show you. Description. We can’t ensure compatibility or full feature functionality with older operating systems. Note: Equalization within presets will not be displayed. tvOS is a trademark of Apple Inc. (817 KB), Presets für Stimme, Instrumente oder Flat, Abnehmbare Halterung und Stativ-Kompatibilität, ShurePlus™ MOTIV™ Audio-App zur Aufnahme und Onscreen-Bearbeitung, 1 - AMV5-DS Desktop Stand, 1 - AMV-USB Micro-B-to-USB Cable (1 m.), 1 - AMV-LTG Micro-B-to-Lightning Cable (1 m.). Otherwise, simply listen to the audio to make sure it is loud enough and not distorting. Vollständige Produktdokumentation, technische Supportmaterialien, Software- und Firmware-Informationen sowie andere Tools und Ressourcen für alle Shure-Produkte an einem Ort. Most computers and mobile devices automatically detect the MV5 and assign it as the primary audio device. When used in conjunction with MOTIV™ hardware, includes all functionality of MOTIV audio app including gain control, EQ and compression. Related Articles. Note: Settings in demo mode are for demonstration and are not saved within the app. MV5 is plugged in, but the volume meter does not register a signal. ShurePlus™ MOTIV Video is a free iOS application enabling users to record with uncompressed audio for video. Digital audio interface connects a professional XLR microphone or 1/4" instrument output to a computer or mobile device. Shure's free Motiv app can be downloaded to your iPhone from the App Store, and turns your device into a little recording interface. The headphone volume does not affect the signal level sent to the computer. Microphone level (gain) typically does not need adjustment when using the appropriate preset mode.