Epic Modified Yamaha R15 V3 Ever - Psycho Rider PD13 The fascia gets a YZF-R1 inspired look while retaining the original headlight setup of the YZF-R15 V3… Shubham Ugale from Mumbai recently fitted his motorcycle with an extra pair of projector lights under the all-LED headlight setup, replicating the setup seen on the R1 and R6 to some extent. At the front, modified R15 V3.0 gets Bolt visor, which renders a dominating stance, similar to bigger bikes like R1 and R6. Yamaha R15 Version 3 is an impressive machine and modifications help it feel even more exclusive than the rest of the sports bikes in its class. The modified model seen here comes with premium tires while the use of huge panels at both the front and rear end makes the wheelbase feel puny in comparison to the stock model. The bike – gen-1 R15 – might look similar to the original, stock version at first, but look closely and you’ll notice a massive difference. R15 V3.0 Modified To Yamaha R1 M | R15 V3 Modified - YouTube Custom gen-1 R15 . This one’s by a bloke called Bevin Abraham. The most powerful motorcycle of its kind, the stock version of R15 V3 can produce 18.6 HP of maximum power and claims 0-100 kph in around 12 seconds. Modified R15 V3 also gets wider tyres that make it look sportier and render characteristics associated with big bikes. With five examples of how an R15 can be modified, we show how the bike can’t just look heart-achingly good but perform as well, too.