Is not this parabolic? (Heb. As those that understand why and for what reasons they praise God, and what is the meaning of the service. "The 1599 Geneva Study Bible". https: And let all, whether parents or children, remember that, like other shields, the shield of a happy Christian home is in the hand of God. James Scott (--1773), in "A Collection of Sermons," 1774. ; Fausset, A. R.; Brown, David. https: The shields of the earth belong unto God - The Septuagint translate this οἱ κραταιοι, the strong ones of the earth. The shields means the sovereignty of the whole earth: for God takes to him the shields of the earth; all the princes of it, under his own immediate government. shields — as in Hosea 4:18, “rulers” [Margin]. Where can we get it? Chapter 47. of 1871-8. It is said by the prophet, "upon my peace came great bitterness;" "a thousand fell on the left hand, but ten thousand at the right hand". "The Adam Clarke Commentary". Tim world owes more to them than it knows. Shields physical are in the hands of God. So the Gentiles, which worshipped stones, and therefore were "like unto them" Psalms 115:1-18 , were notwithstanding raised up to be children to Abraham. ; and so denote the association of the Gentiles converted with the believing Jews, as was at the first times of the Gospel, and will be at the latter day, 1 Corinthians 12:13; for the shields of the earth belong unto God; that is, the rulers of the earth, as the word is rendered in Hosea 4:18; who are as a shield and a protection to their subjects; these are set up and put down by the Lord at his pleasure; and their hearts are in his hands, and he can convert them when he pleases, and gather them to his Son, and into his churches; or, as Jarchi interprets it, "he has power in his hands to protect as with a shield all that trust in him;'. It must be healthy. The Spanish friar was wont to say there were but few princes in hell; and why? On this account Paul says, (Ephesians 3:6,) that the Gentiles were made one body with the Jews, that they might be partakers of the everlasting inheritance. Shields of the earth belong unto God— “Shields of the earth” are, probably, here put for the princes of the nations just mentioned, who are the natural protectors of society. Properly speaking, the Gentiles are those whom he represented; for the covenant was made with him while yet a Gentile; and in his seed all the nations - the Gentiles, of the earth were to be blessed. Right honourables must honour Jesus, and majesties must own him to be far more majestic. The conclusion (v. 11) reminds one of the song of Hannah, 1 Samuel 2:8. If we want the genial springs, we must go to the requisite depths; we must not be surface characters, or our waters will be chilled in the first day of a cold November. The shield of faith. "Commentary on Psalms 47:9". The princes of the people are gathered together. The Shields — The princes or rulers, who are called shields, Hosea 4:18, because by their office they are the common prosecutors of all their people. Our perils change their guise with our changing seasons, and the gradient of our age. A.). The Vulgate reads, Quoniam dii fortes terrae vehementer elevati sunt; "Because the strong gods of the earth are exceedingly exalted." https: Psalm 47:9, ESV: "The princes of the peoples gather as the people of the God of Abraham.For the shields of the earth belong to God; he is highly exalted!" Remember, a shield must ever have an eye to guide it -- you the shields, the law the eye. He is greatly exalted; by this means God shall be greatly glorified, and appear to be far above all the princes of the world, and above all other gods. Shiloh shall come, and "to him shall the gathering of the people be." But angels that remove some stones out of the way can place other stones in it when needful. Among the protecting influences of life there is the influence of the powers and processes of natural law. And altho' he mentions their conversion only, yet the conversion of their people might reasonably be supposed. "Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible". Why is chastisement delayed? 1599-1645. even — supply, “as,” or, “to” - that is, they all become united under covenant with Abraham‘s God. Just outside Buda Pesth there is now a spring of continuous hot water, which is practically supplying the needs of an entire population. They belong to God, it is their honour that he hath sealed them: they belong to God, it is their duty to be subject to him.