Disclosure: The good folks at Ninja sent us a Foodi for the purposes of this independent and completely unbiased review. Read our review to find out how it fares when put to the test. Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice ... please get in touch at goodfoodwebsite@immediate.co.uk. You have to wash it after every use, but the ceramic-coated, non-stick dishwasher-safe parts made this nice and easy. Subject to status. Head over to Mobile Phones Direct for our amazing pay-monthly deals. Simple is a understatement!! BEST OVERALL: Ninja Foodi OP300UK We're online now to answer your question. It is all well and good reviewing its looks but the real proof of the pudding with any kitchen appliance comes when using it. And we do love a gadget which can do it all. It gives you quicker and healthier meals, and we can confirm that the food tasted no different despite being much easier to make and using almost no oil if air fried. In terms of appliances it’s the ultimate one-pot cooker – the kitchen equivalent of a swiss army knife. Can’t think why you would need any other oven,it roasts bakes grills and fries and even dehydrates apples banana etc which make a good snack for children and me I am 82, I agree to AO Retail Ltd sending me marketing messages to my email address, Sorry, there was a problem please try again later. Dishwasher Safe: Yes This gave us the confidence to try out a full meal the following day, and we picked the penne and sausage ragu main. Our site uses cookies to give you the best experience. Packed with statistics, statements and pictures of the food you can prepare, it certainly builds the excitement. (Best Overall) The Ninja AF 101 air fryer is one of the best air fryers out there. Dimensions: 43cm x 36cm x 32cm Manage your cookies here Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker review: A pressure cooker, grill and air fryer all-in-one, find out why this may be the ultimate kitchen gadget. I watched many reviews on instant pot and other pressure cooker a, and the ninja foodi stood out to me, as a combination of a pressure cooker and air fryer, saving both money and space in exchange for versatility. Weight (total): 11.8kg Especially when compared to how much effort either it is to make by the more traditional means (think several pans/constant monitoring), the Ninja Foodi is ridiculously easy to use, and there were no hiccups whatsoever. This is particularly relevant if your kitchen is on the smaller side; while it will likely have to sit on your worktop as it’s a bit too large to constantly lift in and out of your cupboards, you’ll probably be able to get rid of those other gadgets which are cluttering up space. Ninja Foodi multi-cooker review. The Ninja Foodi Max Multi-Cooker provides the air fryer capability to crisp meat that has been in the pressure cooker. Ninja Foodi MAX OP500UKDB performance – Excellent results across the board Starting with home-cooked chips, the large basket made it easy to fit in a decent-sized portion. A few of the other slow cooker/pressure cooker appliances we have reviewed are a breeze to use then an absolute pain to wash up, so this was a huge plus point. … A handy water test is on both the box and the enclosed guide, so you can practice with pressure before risking your mealtime going disastrously. Capacity: 6L (3.6L with cook & crisp basket) A pressure cooker, slow cooker and air fryer in one, it promises to not only cook your food but also crisp it up afterwards. That said, well worth a look at as it is very impressive as a pressure cooker and all rounder which can crisp as well as cook. MOST VERSATILE In the mean time, if you want to fin out more about what the inja Foodi Max Multi-Cooker can do, press the button above.